Clear drop under leaf

radovanNovember 23, 2010

i noticed clear drop like honey drop under my hibiscus leaf right under where the leaf starts. is it going to be some bug later on or is it some desease growing, otherwise hibiscus looks healthy and flowering although i brought it in to overwinter it.

i am in Ontario and it's cold:-)

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

I don't know whether you are noticing honeydew..which is a bi product of aphids or not?? Honeydew is sugar so it is sticky.Take a close look for any type of insects and if so treat as necessary.

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It is just one sticky drop per leaf attached underside where leaf starts.

****one per leaf.

Thank you rosco.

Best wishes ,

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I hate to resurrect an old thread, but this exact thing is happening to me. I grew a hibiscus rosa-sinensis from seed, and now I'm getting one single red drop on the underside of almost every leaf, where the leaf meets the stem. In my curiosity, I licked one. It tasted sweet.
I didn't see any other signs of an infestation of any sort. Radovan, did you ever find out what was up with your plants?

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My friend just took some clearer shots

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Here's one with flash

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Yo, I already have an answer!
These suckers are called "extrafloral nectaries." They're perfectly normal, and they are supposed to attract ants. These ants would then defend their magical spring of sugar juice, keeping pests off of the plant.

That explains why the sap was so sweet. I must be an ant...

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You are correct. If you lift the leaf of a hibiscus you will see a small droplet of nectar produced. This is to attract insects that can provide predatory protection. My issue is that ants want to have their cake and eat it too. Along with the ants come their bud sucking friend the aphid. Neither are welcome in my flower garden.

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Wow, I'm impressed. I've never been accused of being very observant but there is not way I'd ever notice that one little imperfection. You should be commended for the attention you give your plants.

Thanks Jonnie for sharing that.


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