fencing 5 acres.... advice/help

june02bug(usda9a-ahs11)October 16, 2003

We are writing up a contract Saturday morning on a property that we are already approved for and will close about the end of November. So my mind is going 90 miles an hour planning things. This is 5 acres in central Florida on the ridge. We're on the top of a hill but all 5 acres are almost flat. Chances are we will never have large livestock, no cattle or pigs. Maybe a horse or pygmy goats later on, maybe not. We will have dogs to keep in, ducks and chickens. We were thinking of using the 4" x 4" square wire fence. Would that work? Also what about posts metal T posts or wood fence posts? This will be our first fence project so any advice or help is appreciated.

No neighbors yet around us only across the dirt road but the 5 acre parcel behind us is for sale.

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If you are going to get pygmy goats, or any other goat for that matter, don't go with the 4" square wire fencing because goats with horns will get their heads stuck in it on a regular basis. The larger wire works fine, but smaller animals can get through it. To prevent small animals from going through the wire fencing and to prevent goats from getting their heads stuck, use the horse woven wire fencing that has 2x4" openings. It will cost a little more, but is well worth it if you are concerned about containing animals. We used a combination of steel T posts and heavy wood posts, spacing the wood "H"'s about every 150 ft with T posts every 10 feet between them. Using smaller wood staves or the twisted wire staves between the steel posts also helps make a sturdier fence.
Mrs H

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sheryl_in_me(z4 ME)

I would be more inclined to use wood posts since I've found them sturdier. I fenced my garden (sometimes it's easier to fence my critters out then fence them in!) and used the metal t-posts, but I've replaced most of those posts with cedar posts over time since the metal posts fail more quickly. I have a friend who fenced her property with welded wire and wood post, then put one line of electric tape at 12 inches just inside the fence to keep her beagle in and at 12 inches above the top of the fence to keep her horse in. To keep my goats in and my neighbors rat terriers out, I've had to resort to pressure treated 4x4's with 4 boards, and 2x4 welded wire. Strong fences make good neighbors.

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natureboinc(z7 NC)


Just curious as to approx. how much it would cost to fence this five acres in this manner?



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Well the contract is signed and looks like closing will be November 24th or sooner. We will be keeping in our dog (soon to be dogs), chickens and ducks. There is a small fenced court yard type area the will keep the dog in until we fence the whole 5 acres. What I want to keep out is who ever has been avoiding the sugar sand in the grove by driving down the side of our property. We may get a horse or two at some point but no time soon. So I think at this point we will use the free metal posts and alternate with wooden posts. Then relace the metal posts as needed with wooden posts later on. I'm still unsure on the spacing. I think I may go measure a couple of current neighbors fences to give me an idea. They both have cows. Also looks like we will use the 4"X4" wire since it will keep dogs in or out whatever the case. I just want to prepare now for the possibility of larger animals later.

Now if I can only decide on what trees to plant....

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June, we have a piece over in Bushnell - probbly not too far from you by the sound of it.

Magnolia trees do great there. Some dogwoods are wild also. Of course the live oaks are all over. Got any of them?

If parts of your boundary are wooded you can use the old cracker method of barbed or woven wire from tree to tree. Not pretty but gets the job done when one is short on time and money.

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Bushnell is about 75 miles north of us. My problem is that our 5 acres was a grove once upon a time. Now the only trees there are 3-4 orange trees. So we need shade and I want to make it look a little more natural.

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TexasWeed(Z8 Tx)

Hi June02bug,your gonna love your new place.About fence,we have 5 acres and you will always be havin to fix the fence!We use the nokick horse fence with tpost in pasture. We have it topped with boards on top in front of house and that works well to keep our dogs in. With just the wire they will lean over and bend it down.(Horses & goats)If ya want a really good fence, go for Pipe Fence. It will last forever. The nokick fence is great if ya have the time and $ to cover the top with wood. Mabe someday we will have our 5 acres fenced like we want,but until then we just keep a going!!!Enjoy!

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Texasweed, Thanks. Yes we are about 3 weeks from closing and can't wait. I'm just a planning away.

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