Instruction video on poultry practices?

joel_bc(z6 BC)October 1, 2006

I got a request from a city dwelling friend (in touch with a circle of people who'd like to become urban refugees) who asked if I knew of a decent instruction video on keeping chickens. I don't know of any such video, myself.

He mentioned that he hoped there was one or more videos that showed you what to do (coop practices, etc), including the killing and cleaning or 'butchering' of a mature bird.

I believe he is interested in both laying-hen and meat-bird practices.

He lives too far away for myself or my neighbors to instruct him. Anyone know of any relevant video(s)?


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check the county extension service . also

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joel_bc(z6 BC)

A related question: are there many homestead-related instructional videos of ANY sort available?

Personally, I learned in-person from family, friends, neighbors... and also from books, many books. I've seen a few good gardening TV shows, heard good stuff on radio, and once saw a video about best-practices herb gardening. I just don't know if much of the "meaty stuff" (pardon the pun) has been put on video. Anyone know?


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