Finally my original Blue Satin went dormant

katrina1(OK)November 25, 2008

She was planted as a 3 gallon black nursery pot size 3 years ago.

This is a very beautiful blooming hardy hybiscus.

The first year I saw her blooms it made me want to plant more just like her.

Only thing; no local nurseries had any more. So I rooted several from tip cuttings that I got off her that year.

Now I have so many well developed young ones I am now giving this "mother" one to a friend.

Temps are in the mid 60s today, so I just dug it up and am resting a bit before taking it to my friend and helping her plant it.

I have been cleaning its main leader trunk every season after it has gone dormant, but if it establishes well for my friend by next summer it should fill in its canopy nicely. and should not need such drastic pruning again for another three years.

The reports are very true, those which list that the Satin Blue cultivar as being a very strong grower.

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Recently transplanted, "Mother" hardy hybiscus "Satin blue satin" is doing well. Yesterday, daytime highs rose into the 60 degree F range, and still she is staying dormant. Yeh!

Now over the timeframe of how long our fluxuating 30 degree drops in overnight temps endure, I keep hoping that she still should be able to keep her sap down and only use her, as of yet, non-frozen soil environment to develop a strong rooting structure for her continued growing success. That is; in face of the anticipated demands she could encounter in the upcoming 2009 growing season.

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