Yikes! I think I did my hibiscus in with frost!

bischinhaNovember 8, 2007

I got my hibiscus as a gift. I haven't any idea if it's hardy or tropical, it didn't have an info tag. I am guessing tropical. It has deep pink flowers and heart shaped leaves that are scalloped on the edges. I planted it in the ground, and figured it would be fine in the winter. Tons of people around my neighborhood have them in the ground, and they do well. It was a super star all spring, summer, and fall.It still had blooms on it until the other night. It got down to 25, and I came out in the morning to find my hibiscus totally wilted. However, part of the back side and bottom of the plant are still green and happy. Is it a goner? Should I dig it up and try moving it indoors, or will it be okay during the winter? A couple of people have assured me that, "This is what happens to plants in the winter. It will come back."

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

When you say that other "people have these in the ground", do you mean tropical hibiscus or just hibiscus. Tropical hibiscus are not hardy where you are. Perennial hibiscus are.
If you end up having a tropical, get it out of the ground.
Here's a link to the care of tropicals in locations where they aren't hardy.
I would think it will be fine once it's in a pot and in warmer temps. I would let it go dormant since it's already going down that road.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing tropical hibiscus up North

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