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bkay2000(8a TX)November 23, 2013

I think that is the hibiscus that I am seeing everywhere. (I have a photo on my phone if I can figure out how to email it to myself.) I don't notice it until the fall, so I don't think it blooms here until then. If we had another month of warm weather, it would be spectacular.

What is that plant?


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If you are talking about the photo on the top right of the page when you come to the Hibiscus page that is a Confederate Rose Hibiscus and it can grown into tree size if it is not pruned back on those years it does not freeze. They are usually gotten from cuttings in the springtime. So if you have a friend or neighbor who would be willing to give you a cutting that would be best way to get one started. They can grow to over 40 feet with a trunk about a foot in diameter with good weather.

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