Canner losing steam took lid off and jars started sealing!

backwoodsgirlJune 7, 2014

Man oh man! I'm not used to pressure canners.

For some unknown reason my pressure canner was leaking steam out of the handle on top. I've got a Mirro.

So, I opened it up because it wasn't under pressure, I was just getting ready to apply the weight.

But there was steam everywhere and when I opened the lid to see if my gasket was okay, the stupid jars started sealing!!!!

I hot packed spaghetti sauce.

I'm hoping they are going to be okay because I got the lid settled on and started processing them all over.

Has that happened to anybody else?

Are they going to be okay when I finish processing them the correct amount of time? I don't know if processing jars that have sealed is going to be a problem.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Assuming you reprocessed them for the full, correct amount of time and that you used an approved recipe they should be fine.

Mirros can have leak problems, especially newer models so that problem needs to be solved before using. Do some practice runs with just water until you get comfortable with it.

But you have to ignore any of those early attempts at sealing as it is a false seal, weak and quick to release. They are merely a response to the heat and contain no vacuum as needed.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Are you new to using this Mirro then? The newer models, those with that goofy lock in the handle one side, typically release a lot of steam around the handle until the preheating and venting is complete and the weight is placed - within a few brief minutes, the lock engages and escaping steam stops

My vintage 22 qt Mirro doesn't have that feature, my newer smaller model (maybe 10-12 yrs old) does. The steam escaping from the handle area on that one quits immediately when that little lever lock drops into place. Not a valuable feature IMO, I wouldn't be happy using the newer Mirros as my main canner.

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