Wanna' see the world's best cow? ;)

Wingnut_8bNovember 22, 2002

This is Belle, our beautifully sweet Jersey cow.

We bought her this past June. The price was incredibly right ~ probably because one teat isn't more than two inches long (more like an inch and a quarter), but with an attitude like hers I can deal with that no problem. She was exposed to a bull right before we got her, but I don't think she took. She's been running with our Charolais bull and I think he bred her about four months ago. Calf due in April, I hope! :) But we'll be ready for it come February just in case I'm wrong. ;)

So why is she the world's best cow? Because I can do everything but ride her and she's fine with it AND because she took in a tiny Hereford heifer calf whose mother rejected her at birth. Belle's dry so we bottle feed the baby, but Belle does everything else a mother does for her calf ~ dogs don't even think of coming in their pen. :)!!!

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What a sweet story...
Good luck with calf-on-the-way!

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Wingnut, she has such a beautiful face and eyes! I just love it when they make that low, contented moo..oooo sound. On our daily walk my hubby and I walk past a herd of cows and we say hello to them over the fence. The other day their owner couldn't make it out there to put hay in their feedbin, and man, were they complaining. We had our first big rains two weeks ago, though, so after a while i saw them walking all over the meadow, finding the first greenies. Now I notice that they are totally feeding off the new greens, and look very contented as they browse along. We find them delightful. Thanks for sharing Belle's story with us, and I hope she gives you a little calf. How many months is a cow pregnant? Delina

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Belle sure is beautiful! I've always loved Jersey cows, besides the delicious creamy milk that they give :) Years ago I watched a program and the homestead had one family cow, a Jersey heifer, that they adored...I can see why! I've always been under the impression that this breed is more docile than most other bovines. Best of luck with her :)

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I LOVE that sound, too, Modjadje! It's such a sweet, content sound. A cow is pregnant for nine months, like people. I really hope that Charolais bred her ~ it'd be another nice milk cow if it's a heifer. :)!!

The calf is doing great! She trucked it right on over to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I even brought her inside for my stepDad to pet. ;) LOLOL!

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"Now wingnut that cant be" I have her Precious I call her Her registered name is web site, Her mothers name is reds web looks like a spider web down her face. so the year all you heard was web sites we named her web site, shes a registered Texas Longhorn cow white with huge Black spots,face.shes 3 years old and due to calf in July.Nice horns, cant post a picture dont know how..someday.

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LOVEZUKES(z7 piedmnt NC)

wingnut and bulldinkie now those are somekinda user names!We are retired farmers.milked a lot of cows and i can tell you jerseys are the smartest!I miss them but not the hard work of being a dairy farmer.i want to find a nice house cow next year if we can ever get some land cleared for a small pasture.some of the milk that is sold out there has longing for one.i would make cheese with the extra.want to try to be as selfsufficient as possible.boy i need to get that dictionary near the comp so i can check my spellin'!

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Arnold_Ziffle(z9 Houston)

Wingnut --- don't want to rain on the parade too much, but I raise cattle and I'd be VERY concerned about having a Jersey bred to a Charolais. I've never seen a Jersey cow that was physically very large and I believe that most cattlemen will tell you that Charolais are, generally speaking, the most difficult sire to calve out (other than Belgian Blues and other double musceled breeds). IMHO it would be a good idea to have a vet pregnancy check your cow and also do a pelvic measurement, so as to give you a better idea whether to expect significant calving difficulties. You may even want to inquire about a C-section for her.

Jerseys are wonderful cows. A friend of mine has a Jersey nurse cow (named Blue Belle, in reference to the ice cream company I'm sure you are aware of) and she easily raises at least 3 calves a year for him, typically one of her own and two that he buys as orphans. He says she could raise even more but he likes to take it easy on her!

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Marie_TX(z8 N Houston)

Oh, you guys make me want a couple of moos, too. I have a neighbor with a few acres of longhorns. They are so beautiful. -- Marie

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I really enjoy the longhorns,beautiful,neat personalites, docile. One thing I like is you could breed a black to a white and get brown spotted you have no idea what youre getting. we'll have 4 new ones come July.I just cant wait,we usually watch the births.

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Latest pic of Butterbean ~ out in the sleet and ice storm we got last Monday night. Little hardhead wouldn't go in the barn that was 30 feet behind her and wide open. LOL!

Bulldinkie, what a cute name for your cow! "Web site"! LOL! Yes, it IS exciting not knowing what will come out, isn't it? Did I show off my latest and prettiest calf? This was taken when Jojo was a week or two old ~ that would be mid-December or so. She's more fuzzy now, looks almost like a teddy bear, and is starting to get a red tint around the edges of her color spots.

Arnold, I appreciate your concern! :) I talked to two "old timers" around here about breeding the Charolias to Belle and they both said as long as she'd calved before with no problems, then there shouldn't be any problems now ~ she's four years old and the man we bought her from said she'd had two calves before, but a vet visit is already in the plans, for sure. They cautioned me not to use the Charolais on any first-calf heifers, but I already knew that ~ we're raising a Longhorn bull calf for that. But I do agree with you about the vet checks ~ we've already got the appointment set for next month, made it a month or two ago. Belle's going in for a FULL checkup, shots, parasite check, preg check, mastitis check, and just about every other kind of check/immunization we can get to make sure she's ready for calving and milking. We figure that if we're going to drink milk from her, we'd better be sure she's as healthy or healthier than us! LOL!

BTW, our Jersey's ALSO named for the ice cream! And we thought "Jersey Belle" had a nice ring to it, too. ;)

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