Have you grown a Rose Queen?

RetiredFlorida(9)November 28, 2012

Back in early October I bought a beautifully colored "hibiscus" plant, red/green/white leaves. I have tentatively identified is as a Rose Queen. There were no blooms at time of purchase at a plant sale and no specific name given.

Anybody got experience with this plant? It has not bloomed since I've gotten it, full sun in the ground. It "appears" healthy, no bugs. I have not seen any buds at all. Even my Chlorotic Confederate Rose blooms (next to each other).

My sister in law has one in the shade, which is huge but as far as I can remember, never seen a bloom on it either. I keep forgetting to ask her about her plant which is probably 7' tall and as wide.


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Is this the plant below. I have heard of the color scheme you are talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Is this it?

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Just for quick reference, yes I believe they are pretty much the same. The image is what the plant looked like when I brought it home.


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Try looking this one up under the name of "Red Hot Hibiscus".
The leaves being Red, Green and White sounds very much like the Red Hot. Mine has not bloomed yet but should have a red flower.

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I believe you have Hibiscus tiliaceus variegata aka variegated sea Hibiscus.

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olddog, the leaves on that red hot are serrated and very pink, there really isn't any pink on my plant.

I think Kayjones has nailed it. The odd thing about this plant is, my sister in law has one next door, never bloomed, in mostly shade but is a huge plant. They have told me it is a copperleaf plant but I think they have it improperly identified.

For such an amazingly unusual plant it is funny how so many look quite similar. I guess when it blooms, if it blooms will be the proof.


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