Potting soil mix for hybrid hisbicus

DebbieInMiami(z10 Miami, Fl)November 5, 2004

What is the suggested potting soil for a hybrid that will be grown in a container? Any other special instructions that would help them thrive?

THANKS for your help, Debbie

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Hibiscus aren't really picky, Debbie. I don't know about the hybrids, though, because sometimes they are. I'd just use a good all-purpose soil like Miracle Gro or something like that, with a little extra perlite mixed in for good drainage. If you want to get industrious, I mix 1/3 each of peat, perlite, and vermiculite, and it seems to make most plants happy.

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Hello Debbie, It all depends on what variety of hybrid hibiscus you have. Unlike the regular garden variety of hibiscus they do require a little more attention, especially young ones. Some are hard to propagate, and others are a little easier. At the present time I have 15 different varieties of hybrid hibiscus, and I graft others. While in young stage I plant them in a light weight potting mix, with some bark. As they grow older we put them in a potting mix that has more bark, but will require a little more watering. If there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.

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DebbieInMiami(z10 Miami, Fl)

I am ashamed to say that I bought them on a total whim - sort of like that silly gadget you buy at the check out when you wait too long in line at Target - haha THEY WERE NOT CHEAP either, and I think that is why I keep hanging onto them.

I planted them, moved them, put them BACK in the pots - and low & behold, a year later they are still alive waiting for a good home.

I got these awesome big clay pots at Costco, and now - all they are waiting for is some soil so they can spread their wings and actually grow. Believe it or not, they have actually BLOOMED a few times!

I promise to take very good care of them now since they seem to be such fighters. I was thinking about using that organic potting soil, the name is Jungle something. I have read several positive comments about that.

What are your thoughts Tim? THANKS!

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