Hibiscus no pods

Tonya_FennigNovember 24, 2012

I have a friend who has a gorgeous dinner plate Hibiscus that gets loaded with blooms every yr. but...she has only ever found two seed pods on it. Can anyone tell me why that is and if there is something she can do to change that? Thanks

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By the size of the bloom (dinner plate sized) I suspect it is H Mosheuotos. I have strange luck with mine. Your friend might have better luck pollinating themselves. I usually take a q-tip to mine early in the morning when the blooms fully open. Others might have different methods. Some plants take differently to pollination. As with Merkity, I have crossed a few tropicals with mixed results.

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Thank You Ed, I did not even think of doing that. I will let her know to try that.

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TulsaRose z7a, Tulsa OK(7a)

Just a thought...if she is deadheading spent blooms, she is eliminating any possibilty of seed production.

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I double cked with her and she is not deadheading. She has a lot of gorgeous flowers, the one mentioned especially and it gets a lot of blooms on it

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