merkityNovember 5, 2012

got home today - checked my current seed pods progress, found that one of them had fallen off and it had been growing along nicely. too a close look to see why it had fallen off - and there was big bump/hole on the side. some bug must have eaten its way out or into the pod. GRRR - oh well hopefully i will get some of the other ones that are going.

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I hate that Merkity. Had an issue last summer where I was loosing a lot of buds from my Brilliants. No other plants were affected. Sometimes I found a tiny caterpillars eating the buds. Seven dust ended the issue, but I suspect it was from sawflies. Attached is an image of a predator watching me and my plants. He was on the chain for a grow light. If he's ridding me of pest, he is welcome to ride out the winter inside. Just cant tell the wife. Ha!

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nice! praying mantis - i don't get to see those out here too often. i definitely was encouraging the lady bugs as much as possible - they really helped with the aphid issue.

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Really starting to get tired of the battle with these leaf suckers. I have managed to knock out an early infestation of spider mites on a few plants. Now I find them on some of my wife's non-hibiscus plants. I do have a lot of plants, and the weather is now freezing at night. These 'minor skirmishes' will become a declaration of war, if these bugs continue their activities.

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