Homemade cough syrup?

Dehnera(z8 SeLA)November 19, 2002

My grandmother used to make a great "hot toddy" out of honey, whiskey and pepperments. Unfortunately she is not around to ask about the correct amount of whiskey. Can anyone give me a recipe?

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Jerri(z7 NW Tex)

I make hot toddies out of hot tea, honey, lemon, and one capful of whiskey. The other ingredients is just "to taste". The lemon is for a bit of vitaman c, the honey soothes the throat.

The absolute best cough syrup I've ever made I found in an old farmwife book from the 1800's. It's simply the juice of a chopped up onion with sugar sprinkled over it. Let it sit, the juice developes. The sugar is just to make it taste better. It works better than anything you can buy in a store, and works for every kind of cough, even croupy ones.

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I make it two parts hot water, one part honey and one part whiskey with the juice of half a lemon ~ doesn't take much and you sleep like a baby! *Big Pickled Grin!*

If you don't care for bitter things, you won't want to try growing/using your own horehound. It grows wild around here and that stuff's so bitter that when I used the pan I'd steeped some in to cook some noodles, they were so nastily bitter! And when I tried to drink some of my infusion ~ well, after the initial choking and spitting up, my cough was gone!

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My Grandfather used to crush enough peppermints to fill a Ball Mason Jar half way then pour in whiskey just enough to cover the peppermint and add two tablespoons of honey. Then shake until peppermint dissolves. Take a good swig and go to bed.

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that last one sounds terrific...and I think I just might make it...my gramma always had peppermint around...she used a stick of it, in any teas she brewed..

I like an equal mix of vinegar and honey...
vinegar breaks the bacteria, honey soothes the throat..and tickle of cough.

about a teaspoon every half hour and by next day, things should have been greatly improved.

in the meantime, I'm going to use all the left over candy canes..got plenty of honey and only need a small bottle of the whiskey....that's just down the road from me...

come on coughs......I'm waitin' fer ya......

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I was wanting a recipe for home-made cough syrup but found it on your page
Thank you
Frances Wijnveld

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My mother made pipping hot, very strong spearmint tea with honey and/or lemon. Worked well so that I could sleep.

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My mom uses a jigger of Crown, same of honey, and just a twist of lemon for her cough medicine.

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