Tuesday Cool Down

mantis__ohJuly 15, 2014

We should have had this weather in June, which had a lot of hot, humid days. After a substantial rain, the lilies are performing, but cold nights may put a damper on things.
Here are some from recent days.

Creature of the Night is fine as long as the clump doesn't get too big, in which case it flops.

The Doughertys put on a good display despite the cold winter.
Snowflake Empress

Webster's Pink Wonder

Catastrophe Waitress has had flurries of blooms.

Flying Trapeze

Indy Long Legs

Swallowtail Kite

Two Times Tardy The sun caught it so as to illuminate; color is a bit more muted in reality. Also not a really large flower.

Wild Red Heart had a flower open today.

Written on the Wind (too soon to evaluate; by the way, Nat, Casa de Juan has had better flowers recently)

Buenos Aires darkened a bit by shadow. It does, like many Munsons, lighten as the day progresses, but holds up quite well.

White Perfection (my whitest)

Latin Satin--I like it.

Desert Flame

Rock Solid

Leah Abbott with Arctic Snow

Victorian Lace

Finally got a picture of Paris Silk that was close to color:

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shive(6b TN)

It's good to see your Wild Red Heart. Mine did not bloom this year. All of your daylilies look great. I can't pick a favorite among them.


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Two Times Tardy, White Perfection, and Right Up My Alley are very much right up my alley. lol


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well,I cant pick a favorite either out of these.I like them all.each one seems to be prettier then the last one.That last one is gorgeous.,


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CW looks like it's happy in your neck of the woods. Snowflake Empress is gorgeous and looks huge. Both of your Munsons used to grow here and I loved them, but they didn't give me many blooms.

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Paris Silk is a lovely Munson, but can't take hot sun at all. A typical Munson in that regard. Debra, I got my WR Heart because of your posts. And it's obvious why I bought Catastrophe Waitress--after all those posts by Chris. Snowflake Empress is indeed very large--not as fancy as Victorian Lace, but a similar color.

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sherrygirl zone5

Really like Creature of the Night. Like the great color contrast.

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They all look good! Lots that I like, esp Creature of the Night, Snowflake Empress, Victorian Lace, Wild Red Heart, all are beauties! Lovely wide edge on Written on the Wind.
And thanks for the comment about CDJ!

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

What a show! Catastrophe Waitress is my favorite of the group.

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Julia NY(6)

I also like your clump of Catastrophe Waitress.

The cool down is going to settle here today. I know it won't last long but good for gardening work.


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Just too many really pretty ones to pick a favorite. Your daylilies are all putting on a fabulous show. Just amazing colors going on there.....very nice!


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So many beautiful ones, Mantis, but that clump of Catastrophe Waitress is stunning. I really like Indy Long Legs, and Creature of the Nigt looks good now. Wild Red Heart is always a beauty. Two Times Tardy and Written on the Wind...you have a garden full of beauty today, and we had a cooler day too which is wonderful,

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Nancy zone 6

Just too many to pick one favorite, or 2, or 3. I do like Creature of the Night, and Snowflake Express looks perfect. Catastrophe Waitress is such a neat color, & look at all them buds! Two Times Tardy looks so pretty in that photo, I would really like it to look exactly like that. Well, I'll stop here cause I could just go on & on.

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