Hibiscus ovewintering problems

Retiredblue1(Z6 CT)December 8, 2005

I have a large hibiscus rosa-sinensis that is overwintering in a second floor room near a window facing the west, indoors 76 degrees. I live in a zone 6 area with current freezing temperatures

The plant was flowering until recently with consistent buds. Leaves would turn yellow and would be peplaced with new growth. I recently thoroughly watered the plant with Miracle Gro.

The plant now has stopped flowering and all flowers have fallen off and buds are not being produced. Leaves have turned yellow and fallen off with no new growth. Is this plant going dormant or could there be more serious problems.

Please help?

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panspipes(zone 9)

I've been in the nursery business for years and I always feel sorry for people who try to over-winter tropicals. They usually are so close to death by Spring that it takes all Summer for them to even start to look good again. But if I can grow plants in a dorm room closet, I'm sure I can help you. lol Yellow leaves is a watering problem. Too much or too little. Just stick your finger in the soil. You'll know which it is. Remember, moist, not mud. Next I would strongly suggest a grow light on a timer. The days are just too short to provide enough light during the winter. Don't waste your money on expensive grow lights. A cheap Home Depot light on a clamp will do fine. If you're feeling especially enthusiastic, you can get a metal halide light. (like a street light) Very powerful, good spectrum. You can pick up a small cheap one (about $30) at Home Depot in the lighting dept. among the outdoor and garage lights. With that you can grow tomatoes in your basement if you want. Set your timer to be on for 12-14 hours. You'll be amazed at how fast the leaves will regain that rich healthy green and start to grow again.Good luck. (not that you'll need it after following these instructions.)

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