my hibiscus plant stopped blooming outdoors

peacelily55December 1, 2009

hi! i purchased a hibiscus plant two years ago. i don't recall anymore what type of hibiscus plant it is, but i purchased it at walmart in the summer time. i had it in my patio, in a pot, and it flowered all summer long the first year. we live in pennsylvania where winters can be brutal, so i took the plant in once the weather got really cold. the plant continued to thrive and remained healthy through the winter and spring and was ready again to be taken out the following summer. to my surprise, when i took it out the following summer, it did not bloom at all. but when the cold weather arrived and it was indoors once again, towards the end of november, it started to flower again. the same thing this year. no blooms in the summer but around thanksgiving weekend, the beautiful blooms are out in full force. perhaps someone can kindly explain to me why this happened? can the flower be trained to bloom again in the spring and summer months? i know little about plants and would greatly appreciate any feedback and info regarding this matter. many thanks!

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donaldb(5B Worcester, MA)

Very interesting. I have a tropical hibiscus that blooms all summer then goes inside and thrives but no blooms.
Plants will be plants. Hope someone else can give you some insight on this.

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tomva(7-central virginia)

Is it a tropical or hardy,If hardy it should be cut back in the winter..It might be hardy and need a period of dormancy

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Are the leaves dark green and shiny?
If they are shiny, it is a tropical hibiscus.
Tropicals never go "dormant".
I think that is what you have.
If the leaves are not real dark green and shiny, it might be a rose of sharon, in which case you should plant it outside where you live.
Tropical hibiscus are heavy feeders and need the soil changed at least once a year if you have it potted.
Take it out gradually in May when the weather becomes real warm a little at a time and change the soil and feed it Miracle grow once every other week and it should flower for you this summer.
You might want to give it a bigger pot, it could be root bound too.
If the leaves aren't shiny, plant it outside in the spring and let it grow. It is confused and needs a rest in the winter outside.
Good luck!

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