Hibiscus Blue Satin hardiness, seeds, etc

mary_rockland(USDA4 Ottawa)December 31, 2009


I'd love to hear from anyone who is growing Hibiscus Blue Satin in a similiar zone to mine (USDA 4). Is it really hardy? Is it as exciting as they say? I remember when I used to grow Blue Bird in a warmer zone I had lots of seeds, and used to give away seedlings. Is anyone willing to trade some seeds from this?


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I don't have the seeds for this particular variety. Although this is a beautiful specimen! It is hardy from zones 6-11. You could grow it as an annual in your area, just collect the seeds off of it in the fall and save them for planting in the spring.

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I just ordered 15 seeds of this variety. I will gladly send you 5 of them if you just e-mail me your address.


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would love to have seed to start. If anyone has any and will be willing to send me some pleasssssse e-mail

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This variety, as well as all ROS, is hardy in zone 5 too, don't know about zone 4, but maybe with protection. It is absolutely beautiful and is loaded with blooms every year.

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