white spots on the leaves

COOKIEB747(5)December 29, 2005

Since I brought my multi color hibicus indoors, it has developed white spots on the leaves. I didn't see any bugs on them and it seems to be growing, but these spots are unsightly. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I would be most greatful.



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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

There's a 95% chance those spots are bugs; tiny, tiny bugs.
Aphids actually. It's normal to have an aphid problem when hibiscus are indoors. And you're right, they don't normally hurt the plant, just look like crap.
I spray my hibiscus with a weak dish detergent solution on a regular basis in the winter. Pay attention to the tips of the branches and the undersides of the leaves. This will help keep the little guys at bay.

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Is it really true that aphids don't hurt the plant? Without aphids, my hibiscus buds seemed to develop faster. Since I noticed aphids, it seems like the buds stop growing and the spikes around the bud (the cotyedon?) are way bigger than the bud. I think aphids must hurt the plant in some way. Anyone know?


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