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Pongalong(4/5?)December 11, 2012

I have a luna pink swirl hardy hibiscus I am trying to grow indoors. It has about 3 stems. They are all a nice green but it has only a few very small leaves. It looks quite pitiful! I have it in a west window. I suspect that it has multiple things against it. I think that the soil is too heavy and stays to wet. I also think that the air is too dry. The temperature shouldn't be too low, it stays in upper 60's lower 70's? I REALLY NEED HELP!!!

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Can you upload some images? I have success growing Hibiscus Moscheutos babies indoors. My older plants in pots are just now coming in for their winter hibernation. I allowed a good couple of freezes to kill off the stem work. I cut them to about 3 inches from the soil and leave them in the basement till spring.
As for your care help. These are water loving plants and can grow quite nicely in standing water. They prefer loose soils like other hibiscus varieties, but I do not believe in 'over watering' these plants. They also like humidity, and I spray all my hibiscus daily with a water bottle. This works two fold as it not only elevates the humidity, but keeps those #$@% spider mites at bay.
First, I would check under the leaves for critters. Spider mites and white flies seem to really like these. Next, depending on the age, you could freeze them out for the winter. If you choose to keep them growing through the winter, I would get a daily routine for watering/spraying. Also, you need to provide a good source of light. Mine are also at a south west facing window. Finally, as for the soil, you could re-pot with a lighter soil. But unless you are using a very heavy soil, these plants can even grow in sand. Hope this helps,
Below is a recently pruned Lord Baltimore I brought in.

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