hibiscus probems :(

EarilianDecember 6, 2005

I have an indoor potted hibiscus. It's been in same pot for about 2 years, and it haven't been blooming for at least a year. So, I decided that if I re-pot it it'll perhaps start blooming again. So I planted it into a larger pot, using regular soil, nothing fancy. Since then about half of leaves turned yellow and the plant seems to be in worse condition than it was before. :(

So the question is - what should I do to persuade it to bloom again, or at least reverse leaf loss?

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

Hibiscus often get a bit shocked when moved or repotted, so the leaf loss shouldn't be a problem. You should see new leaves popping out within a few days.
When you repotted, did you repot into a much bigger pot? Hibiscus don't a big jump in pot size.
As far as not blooming, you could very well be right about repotting to help it. I've gotten non-bloomers to start up again by repotting.
Maybe others will have more to add, but I would think, that as long as you're giving it enough light and fertilizer, it should start blooming again.

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cerwin(zone 5a/ontario)

first I would feed with a good nitrogen fert to get the leaves comeing good again , as this new growth is comming take the opertunity to pinch out the tips of the growing points to help it bush out (the more branches the more flowers) , then when the leaves have come back good stop pinching and change fert to a high middle number type 15 -30 -15 works good , hybiscus do not mind to be pot bound and some do better that way, also single flower types tend to bloom more often the semi and fully doubbles (and some just bloom more then others)

And do not be afraid to set out in the summer to help speed the whole process up (just remember two weeks in heavy shade befor setting out in sun or you will scorch the leaves.

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panspipes(zone 9)

You just need more light. This time of year you'll need a grow light on a timer since the days are too short. Set it to come on for 12-14 hours. And don't fuss with fertilizers unless you're seeing active growth. (and that won't happen until Summer or until you get more light on it.) Ever notice there aren't many flowers in the shade? That's because flowers generally need lots of light. Peace.

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