Solar water heating livstock- again

brendasue(6)December 1, 2012

Sigh. Looking for a better idea here. I've posted before and probably will again....I'm not real handy with tools.

Here we are again, looking for a better way to keep the livestock watered. We do have a pond, with some areas staying free of ice )6-12" or so almost all year, but it is not easily accessible for animals or people).

So we do have a heated bucket, and it works kinda. We still have to break the ice on the pond to fill it, the goats drink from the broken ice their fill, then the bucket doesn't freeze but is almost empty then we do it all again. Breaking the ice on the pond - an ax is used which I have always been afraid of someone slipping on the ice...

Preferably we don't want to run cords, use propane, or other energy source. I don't even like the bucket plugged in.

So, my idea is to station a dark colored 55 gallon plastic barrel right inside the pond at the edge, with a hole cut for drinking purposes. I'm thinking the sun can heat the barrel, and keep a part of the water open for drinking, then it would replenish itself from the pond/snow. The design needs to be one that a goat cannot get stuck inside & drown. Also the barrel would need to be secured somehow...I do have a rock on the shore I can secure it to?

New ideas? Will this work?

thank you!


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Going with a solar pump, ..something like this PDF file shows would be the way to go.
You need to water away from the pond.
Don't let your life stock drink at the pond....over the long run your pond will get polluted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pumping water in the canadian winter

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