Recycled heating lamp from old movie camera for baby chicks

mangomoonDecember 27, 2011

I hope someone can help me here on this forum. I am looking for a way to reuse a set of vintage GE photo/film lamps that I have had in my family for many decades. These lamps sat on top of an old 8mm movie camera since the old camera's did not have self flash (or lights). The camera is long gone! The light set works great and the lamps are HOT! I remember my father using them to film the family and you could just feel the heat across the room.

Can anyone tell me if they could be used (propped somewhere) in a hen house to keep baby chicks warm? I hate to toss it out as I see no other use and I thought someone in farming might be able to use them. Thanks for any advice!

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I would start out with one lamp and put it maybe a foot over the area where the chicks will be, with a thermometer you should be able to find the right distance. Fried chicken is not as good with the feathers on, ;)

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