New addition found today

RetiredFlorida(9)December 7, 2012

While driving across county to try to get my soil tested I came across a nursery on the way. Stopped in to see what they had and at first was disappointed. Was looking for passion flowers specifically but after being told theirs were dormant and not for sale I came across two varieties of varigated hibiscus................oh yeah.

Am I a collector? I can't pass an unusual hibiscus. They had the Fire Queen and the Snow Queen plants. I favored the Fire Queen with it's pink and red leaves. The nursery lady stressed they are grown more for their foliage than their bloom, yeah I get it, but both are nice.

Should have blooms shortly.


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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Very nice find! That is a truly beautiful looking plant. Thanks for sharing the picture with us all. Ross.

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Thanks Ross. I had seen photos of those leaves but they just didn't do it justice, they look neon they're so bright. You're welcome.


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Sounds like your getting as bad as me. Stopping at random nurseries on trips to see what might be tucked away. 'Antiquers' look for hidden treasures and we look for a specific plant. Sounds like your collection is growing. And your running across some unique finds down in Florida.

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Ed, I've been searching for a purple passion flower I promised someone I had growing only to find out the plant I was given wasn't one! So, I've been scouring to find one and of course it really isn't the time for buying plants like that.

Anyhow, the collection is growing. I really need to catalog my plants on my phone so I know what I have when going shopping. I've been meaning to do a more comprehensive list of leaf type and size of bloom too.

I was speaking with a hibiscus specialist tonite and he told me quite a bit in a few minutes on the phone. I can't say who it was til after christmas ;-)

My wife was like, you bought another plant? Yes honey, but see this one is very different,look at the unusual leaves.......

Always looking for a pretty plant.


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Same thing I say Darren. 'But this one is different'. She picked out a few of them, but her affinity is much less than mine.

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