Mahogany Splendor el grande!

RetiredFlorida(9)December 7, 2012

While visiting the Florida Botanical Gardens today I noticed an amazing strand or clump of gorgeous mahogany blooms. Some of the plants had so many blooms it was almost touching the ground despite having what appeared to be a trunk of 1 to 1 1/2 inches around! Lifting one of these I estimated it was at least 16' tall!


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I am curious if this plant is hardy or not.

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Ed, I think we got down around 40 around thanksgiving or thereabouts and we were not expecting it. We were away for the weekend and I came home and did not find any negative affect on the unprotected plant. I ready that they were not good below 50 but don't give that much creedance. These plants grow easily and purportedly I've been told they will die off and return in the spring.


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