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RetiredFlorida(9)December 14, 2012

Sent you an email.

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Let me see if I can rectify via the tablet.

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Are there blooms you might like in particular Darren? Some of my older plants can easily produce a cutting, and come this spring when I do a heavy prune, I usually throw these away.

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You're kidding right? Of course! You have some sweet plants. We will be putting in a misting bed in the very near future (weeks) and I will welcome any and all hibiscus cuttings/trades.

So looking forward to spring.


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I have a very large seed bank of Moscheutos Hibiscus and some Syriacus (Rose of Sharon). Cant guarantee what the actual plant will be, but I have no problem mailing a bunch. I will send an email with the list of plants I collected them from. Will also Include plants I can send as cuttings this spring.
If you want to drive here, you can have 1-3 Erin Rachaels that are over 4 years old and 3-5 foot in height, hahahaha.

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