how i drilled my own well with a fencepost auger

bctruck(z8LA.)December 24, 2011

i thought it might be of interest to those on the homesteading forum,who may have been considering a shallow well. i drilled my own well with a fence post auger and some 4 foot extensions i got at my local ace hardware store.

hope you find this helpful. ive since bought a really nice camera and im trying to ramble a bit less.

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I watched quite a few of your videos - I didn't notice any rambling and you have a very pleasant speaking voice (I don't know anything about your singing.) You have done a lot of nice work and I am sure that you have helped many people while having fun.

That post hole auger seems like something to have. All I have ever seen until very recently here are the two handled post hole diggers, sometimes with different lever mechanisms toward the bottom so that they close a bit more without having to pull the handles a yard apart to get something out of the hole.

I hope that that elderly couple in the video that was interrupted due to an "accident"/assault are ok. I don't know what it is but tailgating (not the fun kind) IMO is becoming way more prevalent here too (there are even "ad campaigns" to tell people what a blank they are - probably not money well spent). I think that MANY people think that knowing what pedal to push to go faster and which to stop means that they "know how to drive" and following by a car-length whether traveling 15 or 75 mph is "good".

I drive on a lot of two lane roads (just like on the video with the accident) and increasingly people have no clue how to use their lights?!? - should be easy stops for the sheriff deputies (easy $$$ and a free look at the driver.) It seems like people think that because fog lights came with their car or truck that they can just run them all the time. I also live where hi-beams could sometimes be needed due to deer and poor visibility in the fall/winter/spring - but what some do not seem to understand is that if you feel the need for fog lights or hi beams you should not be traveling at (or probably even near) the maximum speed limit - and of course the obvious, that you would need to turn them off for oncoming traffic!

Now, that is rambling!
It seems like you could be set up for a major vegetable garden expansion this year. Best of luck!
And Thanks!

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