Basil leaves going black

curlylocksJune 12, 2008

We bought a bunch of basil at our local farmers' market and it just so happened to still have a great root system so I potted up into a suitable size container with a soiless mixture. It took a few days but started looking good and now we've noticed that the leaves are starting to turn black along an edge and then it spreads and dries out. New leaves are automatically starting to go black too. I've been picking them off and I'm thinking of pinching the plant back by about half. What could be causing this and would pinching it back be fine? I don't want to put it outside yet because the weather has been too eratic, high winds for the past three weeks, extremely hot and humid or just cold and rainy. Thanks

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Basil loves hot. Back usually indicates that its under stress due to recent rooting. If you cut off leaves and chop them, they also turn very dark. A soilless mixture may be a bit too 'clean' for it too, as compared to a potting soil. Suggest that it gets repotted again, and try to remove some of the soilless mix, and replace it with regular potting mix.

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Thanks for your help. I'll do it tomorrow.

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ditnc(7 NC)

Mine, too! I went out this morning to patrol the plants and all my basil has developed black spots on their leaves. They are in various containers and in raised beds. Could it be from the rain we have had (the ground is still wet from the downpours earlier this week)? They are mature plants, so I can't see how it could be a root establishment issue.

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I bought a new basil plant and it was beautiful, but now the leaves are turning black. I need some help to identify the problem. I have had many basil plants, but never this problem. What is wrong and what can I do for it? Thanks for the help. Please reply to my e-mail:

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Needs sun and a little less watering.

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