Late night shows back on the air

quirkyquercusJanuary 5, 2008

The 3 major networks have their late night shows back on the air this past week. Dave letterman's show has writers, they worked a deal somehow but Jay Leno, Conan Obrian and Jimmy Kimmel are winging it and to be honest I think they have been funnier that before when they had writers!

True, a lot of the jokes were about wasting time, particularly with Conan but it has been much funnier than when they had writers. The guests are not A-listers but you cannot go wrong with howie mandel and bill maher. Those are great guests to have when you have no writers.

I'm glad they are back and laughing myself to sleep.

Do you watch those and what did you think?

Now if you're about to say you didn't watch them and don't have Tivo, remember... The networks put the shows online for you to watch! For free any time.

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The opening monologues can be funny, but other than that those shows don't do
much for me. Jon Stewart and Colbert on the other hand always provide a steady
flow of chuckles.

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According to the tv guide on the tv there will be new episodes of the daily show and the Colbert Report tomorrow (monday 1/7)
It doesn't say who the guests are but that has been left off the other shows too lately. Last minute bookings I guess.

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