Vietnamese Hollyhock Question...Tony or Anyone??

manature(9B Sanford, FL)July 9, 2008

I have so enjoyed these amazing hollyhocks this summer, but they are now going into a decline and dying back. Normal, I think. Tony, I believe you said to mark the spot where the mother plant is so it doesn't get disturbed, and it will come back next year. (Doing that today, before they are completely gone.) I have noticed LOTS and LOTS of seeds forming, though. Are these viable? Have you collected them and grown new ones? Do they self-seed around the original plant? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Thanks for any info you can give me. I really would like more of them next year.


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Oh,Marcia,they are beautiful!

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

Marcia, I do not know if this will answer you questions entirely but yes hollyhocks come back in the spring. As for the seeds they form the seed pods and you need to wait until the seeds inside are black and then you harvest. I have enclosed a site that will give you additional wonderful information. Linda

Here is a link that might be useful: Hollyhocks

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Thanks, Linda, but I'm specifically looking for info on these Vietnamese hollyhocks, which aren't the same as "regular" ones. I'm under the impression most regular ones are biennials, blooming the second year and then dying. The Vietnamese hollyhock is supposed to be a perennial that will come back every year. And I'm hoping for seeds, too. But I will check out the link to see if it says anything about this type, as well.


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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

Marcia,it appears that the Vietnamese is a fig leaved hollyhock and it is the hollyhock that will grow in Florida and is the most resistant to rust. It is a perenniel and if cut back will return year after year. I am enclosing another link for you to visit at your leisure and see if this appears to be the strain you have. If not then I apologize for leading you down the so-called garden path. Linda

Here is a link that might be useful: Alcea ficifolia

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Hi, Linda! Thanks again for another interesting link. This is closer, but still not quite the same. The Vietnamese hollyhock is new to the market and was found growing wild in the jungles of Vietnam (hence the name) *grin* I found mine at Lukas and they said this was a first, and just about the only hollyhock reliable for this far south. Stands up to heat and humidity and is a perennial. Therefore, it does sound like it is a variety of the fig-leafed hollyhock you linked to. Though the Latin name is different. (When I find my tag, I'll share that info).

Tony had posted quite a bit about it and how well his was doing, and I just HAPPENED to receive one as a gift at the same time. I went to Lukas and got a couple more and I just love them. I do want to be sure they come back, and I am trying to find out if Tony has had any luck with the seeds. I'm collecting them on the hope I can get more plants in other parts of the garden.

Thanks for your help, and both links are very interesting, even though they aren't quite the same plant, as far as I can tell from the photos, etc. And if I'm going to be led anywhere, down the garden path is about as good as it gets, IMHO. Thanks again.


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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

I'm kicking myself I didn't buy one at the plant sale in Vero this spring. They were selling like hotcakes! I hate it when I second guess myself.

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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)

Hi Marcia,

you have gotten very good answers here... I can tell you what I do, best way or not, I dont have a clue.

Yes, I DO mark where they were because they do dry up and disappear and do come back every spring. I know I have dug some up accidentally and man I was upset!

When the seed pods are brown and crispy and burst open, they are ready to be saved. I dont save em anymore, I just let em fall and may the best seed(s) win.

Snails love Hollyhocks and cause a lot of damage to the point of wiping out all seedlings if not careful and if not using some form of rid-a-snail etc.

The seeds I have saved and planted in the past seemed to work best when planted in the winter time and again, the area marked because they wont be up till the warmer weather.

Now you know what I know about Hollyhocks! They are cool!

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Thank you, Tony! I am marking the plants that are dying back, and I'm going to collect seeds this time around. Maybe I'll start them in pots and plant them out when they are big enough to withstand a few snails. (They didn't bother my big plants at all, that I could tell.)

I just LOVE these plants, and I really want them to become a staple in my garden.

Appreciate your help!


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manature would you be willing to share seeds? I would love some to plant this winter.


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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

I will be glad to share seeds if I can get some. What I tried to collect yesterday wss kind of moldy, and I don't know how viable they are. But I see more seed heads on the way, so I'm hoping for some that look healthier. When I get a goodly amount, I will post, and you can send me your address.


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