millions of tiny moths

hester_2009July 15, 2014

Hi all,
I'm hoping that someone knows what these pests are without a photo(they are too fast and small). I've searched online without success.
When I walk through the yard or water, I disturb millions (yes millions) of tiny, greyish moths. They are everywhere although they started in the wedilla. I don't see any chewing damage, droppings or any other evidence that they cause problems. But I find them disgusting!
Does anyone have an idea of what they are and how to get rid of them? I have to just spray something randomly, plus I have a huge area to treat.
thanks in advance,

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I get them in my yard in full force, in summer, I guess, in the shady areas with Spiderwort (which I let flower as long as possible), where Brushfoot butterflies hang out. I seem to feel guilty when I don't respond inwardly to them with the joy I have when seeing a butterfly - even though they may be as positive a part of my yard's balance as the colorful butterflies. Funny how we react to things.

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When you say tiny, how tiny? Are they at least 3/4 to an inch long? If so, it's probably sod web worms. Bad, they will lay eggs, the caterpillars eat the sod.

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I have them too. They are in the grass and fly up as you walk. Horrible. Small, white/grey moths.


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I mean really tiny! maybe half an inch or less.
Still waiting to see if any of you have these and how to control.
Jane, you know what I mean! I don't have grass, so they are in all my shrubs and ground covers. Seems to me, they are here only in summer. Have you tried to get rid of them?

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They are tiny and fly up when we walk on the grass. Its like a cloud. Thousands of them. Very strange, I'm sure they are up to no good. I thought it was some sort of grass moth.

Moving to this State 2 years ago has provided me with a lot of weird gardening experiences.


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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

I was wondering if it could be a skipper. Ran across this but it doesn't quite fit either.


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I wonder if they are related to fireflys.

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I agree they are most likely sod webworm moths.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tropical Sod Webworm

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Thanks all, for your responses.
I think it's still a mystery although sod worms are a good bet. The strange thing is, purposefully, I have no grass anywhere on my property. However, my neighbor said he notices them when he was mowing, so perhaps they migrated here. I see from reading (thanks dangermouse) that they don't eat shrubs, and so far that is the case.
So I guess I just live with the nuisance of them and hope the fall sends them on their way!

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