Basil turning yellow

chillout_cyJune 15, 2014

Hi everyone. About a month ago my good friend next door gave me some basil cuttings which I duly rooted in some water. There's about 8 of them and I put them in a good sized pot with fresh substrate. They were growing very nicely, getting largish so I decided to put them in the garden. Straight out of the pot, soil included.
Within a few days they've started to look odd, yellowy and the leaves look as though they're closing up. We've both got the same soil in our gardens and the same amount of shade(where they're planted). We live in Cyprus and the summer heat is just beginning to take off(it's 28c 82f today). Hers looks great but mine looks a bit sorry for itself! I'm wondering if I've shocked it by moving it? Also I'm watering it, like most things everyday now. Too much?

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Plant doesn't look too bad for having just planted it outside. But did you harden your plant off first? Going from indoor to outdoor conditions is hard on a plant. You have to get them used to being outdoors gradually - first in a sheltered location then in a more open location before planting in the ground for best results.

At this point, I would care for it as your other garden plants and see how it does.


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Thanks. It's always been outside. I'll wait and see what happens.

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