aphids on chives

donna_stevens(z7 TN)June 5, 2005

I have tiny black aphid looking creatures on my chives, I have used liquid Sevin, but they are still there, any suggestions.

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sevin? never used that... I'd use a blast of water... or pinch them... pyrethrin is biodegradable... I am wondering why you have aphids on the chives. Are they getting too much water?

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

Chives may act as a trap crop (attacting aphids) or they may repel other type aphids completely and not be attracted to the chives themselves or to plants they grow near...meaning they can either deter from themselves as well while protecting plants nearby or they can both attract to themselves while preventing the aphids from atacking other close by plants that would otherwise be attacked (roses, etc).

Geezz that was confusing!!


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I get aphids on my chives each year too. Insecticidal soap works well and is much safer than sevin if you plan to eat the chives.

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donna_stevens(z7 TN)

I understand about using Sevin, but it usually takes care of critters, but I have never had these before.

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You know what's funny? If you go to the Bayer (Sevin's manufacturer) website & look at everything they claim Sevin preventatively kills - aphids are conspicuously missing from their long list. Does your Sevin bottle list aphids on it?

Quite frankly, I can't see any sense in using chemical controls on herbs. Seems somehow weird & counterproductive. Hit them with plain water, or at the very most some insecticidal soap.

I sure wouldn't want Sevin-coated chives topping my baked potato - lol!

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

Not to mention that the active ingredient Carbaryl is a nerve-toxin and highly toxic to bees,etc.
Just had to print off a copy of the Sevin label for my Plant Problem Diagnosis final project.
Also if a crop/plant is NOT listed on a pesticide label it is illegal to use it whether it be a home gardener or other...the pest doesn't have to be labled.

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Not a good idea to shoot a fly with an elephant gun. Plain soapy water will discourage aphids and if that doesn't work an insecticidal soap will do them in. The soap forms a film on their bodies and smothers the little devils. My grandmother used to soak chewing tobacco in water, add soap and kill aphids on her roses with the mix but that is just as poisonous as any chemical and a lot more poisonous than Sevin which is relatively harmless to humans.

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donna_stevens(z7 TN)

Well I used it to get rid of (green) aphids on roses, and Sevin is safe if you use a little common sense with it.

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I have aphids all over my chives in my balcony greenhouse although no one on my peppers. So I think right now I will keep the chives in the green house to attract the aphids away from my peps. Then I can kill the aphids on just one plant rather than spraying many.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

It is fun to hose them off.

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