Harvesting lavendar

lilycrazy(Zone 5- Iowa)June 22, 2005

This will be my first season that I can harvest lavendar- its really a big gorgeous plant finally !! So my question is..... what are some suggested ways to use or preserve it ? I have lots of great recipes- some call for lavendar LEAVES rather than flowers, so can I dry the leaves to use later ? Any suggestions will be appreciated- thanks guys !!!

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I don't know which lavender that you have, and if you want more recipes, I have lots of them.

However, earlier this year I bought a lavender wand for my daughter. She just loves it. You might consider trying to make some. If you get really good at them, you can sell them for up to $20.00. I paid $18.00 for the one I bought.

Regarding drying leaves, you can use them in potpourris, mixed with bath salts, and such, but I would not use the leaves for culinary purposes.

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

I just harvested a bunch of Lavender 'Munstead' yesterday morn....My first harvest too! About 20 per bunch, tied with a pretty ribbon and hung up to dry in airy room.
I don't plan to cook with mine so can't help you there, but assume the drying process would be the same.


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Need help!
How to collect lavender seeds? How to relocate the small lavender seedling to the outdoor?
Many thanks!

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renarhod(z8 WA)

Lavender seeds take a long time to mature to plants and some don't give you back the same plant. It's much easier and faster to take cuttings of the lavender plant and pot them up. Or easier still is to take a long lavender stem and tie it to the ground where roots will form and you get another plant. It just needs a little soil over top, kept moist, and time, to create a new plant that you can then dig up and move or leave.

On planting small plants, it's not good to plant them at the heat of summer but wait til spring or fall. the heat and lack of water are hard on them. I have mine in a lightly shaded area out of direct sun, kept watered in their pots, and will plant them this fall or next spring when it's cooler in a sunny spot. Less stress on the plant. A month ago you could have gotten away with it depending on your climate, but now it's high summer.

You can check out lavender books from the library for free and learn lots. Or the internet.

have fun!

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Hey, Joe, you aren't Robyn's Joe, are you? Who lived with his mother?
Anyway, what is your weather like? you must not live in a tropical part of China, do you? If your lavender is doing well, then you must have dry summers? I would try to take a cutting of a branch, that means a woody part of the the branch, not a green part, if you understand that. Put that branch in some soil that does not hold a lot of water, but stays damp. Then keep that branch in the shade, so that it can get roots without growing. That is the best way to take a "cutting" of Lavender. You speak English really well, but if that was difficult to understand here's a link of another description...

Here is a link that might be useful: how to take a cutting.

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When it is time to harvest my lavender I take my old bunches of dried lavender from last year, rub all of the flowers off and throw them on my carpet just before I vacuume. The smell is great!

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

PacNWest...I've been doing the same thing LOL! NW minds think alike :)


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