Rosemary: Turning Brown -- what's wrong

jrgardner(z8b FL)June 2, 2006

My rosemary has been growing outside for 3 years and has had a variety of conditions over that time (hurricanes, flooding rain last spring, and dry spells). Recently, it started turning brown on a variety of the stems -- from the base of the plant to the tip, but not every stem (thankfully). It gets water from a soaker hose (just as in previous years). Any thoughts on what might be going on? I can't think of anything I'm doing differenly this year than previous years. Any advice would be appreciated.



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My opinion? Something caused it to finally get root rot. Rosemary is not known for generally doing well in a more tropical environment.

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I'm in the subtropics, and believe me, in normal years we get incredible amounts of rain and humidity, and there's nothing wrong with my rosemary, lavender etc. It's the drainage that's important, more than the amount of moisture it gets. Rosemary simply will not tolerate having its feet constantly wet, and I strongly suspect that with the extra rain you've been having, on top of the soaker hose, you've finally managed to drown it. Take some cuttings and start again, because it's unlikely to survive once the root system has begun to rot from being soaked so much. You might just save it if you got rid of that soaker hose and allowed the soil to dry out again - lower down, I mean, not just on the surface. When you replant, mound up your soil to make a hill, and put your rosemary on top of the hill - that will give you better drainage.

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