spots on herbs - pls help - pics

sherinycJune 25, 2007

I posted a while back about spots on my mint. It has gotten much worse. There are little dots stuck to the bottom of the leaves. Eggs of some sort??

The mint has it really bad but some other herbs are beginning to get brown spots. Lemon balm:


I fear it is too late for the mint, it is looking pretty bad. But what can I do to save everything else?? I have a two-year-old daughter so I only want to use organic/non-toxic solutions. This is on a fourth-floor balcony but I guess we still get bugs up here.



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CA Kate

Sheri: take your big scissors and totally cut off the mint to an inch or so above the ground. Totally remove these clippings from your environment... as in put carefully in bag and seal in the garbage bin. In a couple of weeks you'll have lovely fresh mint leaves to use. I do this several times each summer just so I have newer leaves.

The top pics are of bugs. The bottom ones appear to be sunscald... maybe where some water was on them when they got full sun.

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Thanks so much. I do indeed water in full sun and I was not aware of sun scald. I'm relieved that the other plants don't have bugs.

The bug problem on the mint is worst on the lowest leaves. So when I cut it back, I will be cutting off all of the growth and just leaving some stems sticking out of the soil. Is that ok? And when it grows back won't it just get bugs again?

This is the second year that my mint--and my mint alone--has been ravaged by bugs. I have chocolate mint in the same box (oh did I mention I have other herbs crowded into the same box) that is very healthy. Is there another type of mint that tastes like regular mint but is more bug-resistant? This is spearmint, should I try peppermint?

Thanks again,

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Avoid watering or spraying leaves in full sun, unless its a foliar fertilizer spray. The purple color on basil is quite normal for some strains. The mint bugs can be controlled early on, by spraying them with neem oil, but snipping off as much of the infected leaves will help some too. A follow up on neem sprays will help keep pests down a bit.

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these spots have appeared n my mint plant and they almost become brown edged they burnt out..shud I cut out those parts or can i wash with soapy solution?


Here is a link that might be useful: picture of mint plant

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Mints like cool partial sunny location, water, sandy well
drained soil to thrive and be tender.
For disease control there are safe organic sprays. I use NEEM oil spray for all my garden veggies.

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