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kartwheelFebruary 21, 2008

I'm back from the meeting of the local Food pantry.

I'd like to remind people that once again (after the influx of food at the holiday season)that many , many pantries are very short on food.

Please take the time to donate.

It doesn't have to be much,everything helps.

Our pantry can always use fresh fruits and veggies,frozen protein items,canned meats.

Your pantry may be different , but we are usually okay with peanut butter,canned greenbeans, peas, and corn,all pasta (these items are supplied thru the govt).

Some pantries carry personal care items- toilet paper, dish soap, clothing detergent,women's hygene items, body soap, deodorant. Theses items are always low.

Take the time! It will make you feel good!

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A good word. Thank you, kartwheel.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Thanks for the reminder, kartwheel. Aside from money donations to the local Food Bank and Salvation Army, I also deliver excess produce from the farm. The greens and more perishable stuff goes to the rescue mission or Transition House. It is sad to see empty walk-in coolers, but the focus of the Food Bank is on less perishable foodstuffs.

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Just another reminder added to Marshallz's comment, Food Pantries take checks!
if you only want it to go for Food ( not the pantry rent,etc) include a note "food only"

My experience is that the distribution centers only take non-perishables, but the locals will take fresh. Rules seem to vary by area!

and Marshallz, thanks for working with the pantry!

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If anyone has kids in school, here's something our kids do:

Once a month all the students bring a donation for our local food bank to school - the food bank provides bins and sometimes the kids like to "compete" to see which class brings the most. Our kids really enjoy shopping for the food, thinking which food would be healthy and good for another family to enjoy, and being reminded of how much we have and how much we can share.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Another "painless" donation: about four times a year when I go to the supermarket to stock up on "stuff", I also buy a bag or two for the food drives. Smart shopping can amass a lot of basic food for relatively little money.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Another place that could use some donations, but are a little harder to give to are the shelters for abused women. Often these women can take nothing but their children and the clothes on their backs. I don't want to distract from the food banks but these are deserving organizations as well.
Some of the things they can use: good clothing in various sizes including clothes they can wear to job interviews, shoes or gift certificates to shoe stores, purses or clutches, underwear and night clothes. If you wouldn't wear it, don't send it. Childrens clothing, shoes and toys, diapers. Shampoos, hair coloring, disposable razors and other personal articles, soap, deodorant, sanitary pads or tampons, cosmetics, hair brushes and combs. Remember these ladies and their children likely have nothing! Be as generous as you can.
These homes are often difficult to contact. They go through "doorkeepers" to protect the clients. Contact your county social service to get contact numbers. It is important to call ahead to find out just what is needed. A case of sanitary pads is useless if what is needed is a case of diapers and winter coats aren't needed in the summer. Most of these homes cannot store a lot of items until they are needed. Thank you, Sleepless

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sleepless , you're not taking anything from the food banks.
Most food banks take no clothing, no toys , no books.
More power to you.

At the short shift I worked today, we got a donation of
laundry detergent--- they were completely out.
We were also out of all frozen meat, and almost all fresh
veggies( had cabbage and carrots).

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and Ideas.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

I have been playing with an idea about person-to-person charity. Yes, I know this is a touchy subject. There would have to be an intermediary (church or other "agency") and perhaps a high degree of anonymity on both ends. The idea is to give a hand up, not just hand-me-down, to facilitate independence.

Sleepless we have very active quasi-private family services group, a rape-crisis center, a Transition House much as you describe, and "stores" stocked with clothing and other items where qualified women and families can "shop" for needed clothing and other items for free or for little money. I've done volunteer work as well as donated money and produce to all of these over the years. The need never eases.

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Freecycle, although a good thing, is not charity.
Your stuff goes to who ever has a computer, the time to look at the site, a phone, and a vehicle to pick it up.

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