Lakeside Shoremaster...

hosta_freak(z6 NC)May 19, 2011

Here is a pic of Lakeside Shoremaster. It is really huge this year. When it was planted,I could walk between it and Sagae,opposite from it,on the path. Now,my legs brush both of them when passing thru.Phil

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Awesome, Phil!! You should post this on the discussion side so everyone can see it!
I hope mine looks like yours soon!


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bernd ny zone5

Phil, This is a very nice one! You are ahead of me for a few years in hosta maturity. I need to buy a few more like this, though I have no longer space, but only to replace others not looking as good! Thanks! Bernd

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I like the green on green combination of the leaf. It is a lovely specimen too.

Is this planted in mostly shade? I'm trying to understand which will survive in warmer climates, and was told that the Lakeside offerings are likely to give good results.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

moccasinlanding,this plant is in morning sun,but later under the dappled shade of a Dogwood tree,of which there several of them in this part of the garden. Janice,maybe more folks should look over here,but even I don't look very often,because people seem to have forgotten that we have two other forums here. Phil

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I only looked again today because Berndnyz5 mentioned that the Conifers Forum had photo-heavy threads (not posts?) moved to their gallery. I am no wiz with the GW protocol, but I wanted to do the right thing with Hostas posting. Most of the forums I've frequented only had two parts...the Discussions side (for "on topic" stuff) and the Conversations side (for off topic chit chatting). So having the Gallery side is a big plus over all.

However, I seldom think to use the pink and lavender sides of any forum. IMHO, the natural flow of the forum needs few impediments dividing things. It is likely to lead to interesting places if you don't require too much structure. I know this is not a purist attitude, but ideas spring up where they will.

Oh yes. Your Shoremaster is on my Desiderada list for next year. Very rich color and texture. Lovely plant.

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