hostasgalore1(5)June 13, 2007

On June 1st at 12:22 PM Muscatine County had a tornado touch down in 3 different cities. I thought I'd share a few picture s of some of the damage that was done around town. I'll just post a few at first and if you'd like to see others let me know and I'll post some.. I don't want to bore all you with these pictures but thought maybe a few would like to see some..

This is a photo of a Highway 61 sign that should be pointing east and west, but notice it's now pointing North and South. In the background of the photo you can see a car sitting on top of another car..

This is a view looking out of our Cemetery here.. All in all I'd say the biggest hit was this cemetery. Most of the trees you see in the photo are 60+ years old. You can see the path moving through the cemetery.

In this photo is a house that got shredded. Thankfully the house was vacant.

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Was anybody hurt or killed in the tornado? It is always so sad to see the destruction one can cause. That poor house and all those old trees.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Unreal. I am always in awe of what a tornado can do - it's just incredible how it can just tear through a place and the devastation it can leave!

That is sad that the trees and other things were destroyed but hopefully all human lives are intact!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

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Sorry ladies I should've mentioned about injuries in the first post. Thankfully there wasn't any fatalities but there were 6 people taken to the hospital with minor injuries except one. The lady that was working in the Fruitland Post Ofiice when it collapsed from the tornado has a broken hip. Other then that there was just A LOT of close calls. We did some tree work for a guy today that picked up his grandchildren when the bus arrived at there home cause the parents were working. Well 10 minutes later the tornado ripped this house to pieces and even pulled the furnace from the basement. Most of the house is now in the trees over 1/4 mile away. It was kinda spotty through the towns within Muscatine County but when it hit the ground it did some damage. In certain places of town there's garages missing and roofs sitting in the neighbors trees. In the 34 years I've been alive this is the first one I've seen within 1/4 mile of my place and I hope to never see one again.. I'll try to get a few more pictures downsized to post and I'll show one of the Fruitland Post Office..

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Thanks for the pics. and the detailed info. We were in a tornado, 9 months after we married and 5 days after moving
into our new home. It was also the afternoon of the day I got confirmation I was pregnant with our oldest daughter.
Thankfully, I wasn't home, nor the pets and hubby was on his way home from work! I think it is always a miracle
when people aren't killed when they are hit by a tornado!


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P.S. To this day, I still get uncontollable shaking if I hear the sound of window glass breaking. It must be the sound
that stood out to me at the time! I didn't know that, until when working as a free-lance makeup artist for a large department store,
a man (a thief) ran from security and hit the large front doors, missing the middle bar and crashed through the glass! At the time,
I don't think tempered glass was required. I started shaking like a leaf, and when the woman I was working on (a physician) jumped
up to assist the man, I almost collapsed. She returned, because the man was being a jerk and refused her assistance, very brutally,
(despite having a cut artery, he was very insistent she leave him alone) and I almost couldn't *pull it together* to finish up what I had started
on her!

Can you imagine, what those who are much more effected than I was, live with (only having little more damage than all the windows and part
of our roof) in the way of anxieties and trauma??


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Uhhh, I made a typo--I *WAS* home when it hit but I wasn't HURT, the word that should be in the place of *home*! Sigh!

It's been a long day and it started out *long*!


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