Holes in my Basil and something is eating it

i_am_gray(5b)June 9, 2012

I know there are other post about Basil plants being eaten but since most don't have pics and I can't tell what type of holes/bites people are talking about I put up this post.

Ok first off before I take some steps like un-root my basil to look for grubs (drastic?), which I think might be responsible for the deed I wanted to make sure.

My basil plant is planted outside in a container and there are no trees, or plants or any kind close to it. I live in the city so nothing that can live in the city. I've been checking the plant almost everyday during evenings and very early mornings to see signs of the usual, bugs (caterpillars and beetles) and so far I have yet to see ANYTHING. I've also checked under the leaves as much as possible.

Thankfully it is growing very well in my opinion so i don't really think that's the problem and the there obvious bites on the leaves.

I would be grateful if someone could tell me whats wrong so i can take the right measures. Also I've tried spraying the plant with diluted neem oil, diluted hydrogen peroxide, and used diatomaceous earth food grade, not at all the same time but so far nothing seems to help.

Here are some pics (hope they work):



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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

It looks like it could be slug or snail damage. Check under the container and in any nooks and crannies around the sides. If you don't find them come out after dark and look. Also check for silvery trails on the leaves.

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