Mint tea?

greengardener07June 9, 2009

Do I dry the mint leaves and brew them to make the tea, or do I use a regular tea bag and add some dried mint?

Is mint tea (completely mint leaves) an acceptable sustitute to regular tea? Or will there be adverse effects from this?

I cannot seem to locate a site that guides to the basics of using herbs as teas. Any suggestions?


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Many say that fresh leaves taste best. Mint is medicinal and soothes the stomach, so drinking mint tea might help for stomach ailments. I'm no expert in the medicinal area...just stuff that I have read about through research on mint.

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For infusions (teas) you can use either dried or fresh herbs. IMO, dried mint tastes not unlike dried hay, so it's not an option!

Usual dosage: Pour 1 cup of boiling water onto a heaped teaspoonful of the dried herb and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. For fresh herbs, use a sprig, or twice the amount of dried herb. Quantities aren't crucial.

While mint tea is useful for digestive (and other) problems when taken in small amounts, it should not be regarded as a regularly-taken beverage. As with all herbal teas (which are really medicines, even ordinary black or green tea), there IS a downside.

If you drink too much mint tea, it will really upset your digestive system (have the opposite effect of what you want!), and you could get headaches and other symptoms of overdose. Avoid mint if suffering from Âacid refluxÂ. It may suppress lactation in nursing mothers. Do not ingest the essential oil. Although considered a safe herb, it should not be used daily in medicinal doses for extended periods of time. One cup of herbal tea (any herbal tea) per day is a medicinal dose for an adult. Children should not be given mint tea.

If you're using it as a beverage, I suggest that you regard it as a treat - perhaps once or twice a week at most.

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