Late post of what was blooming today

nat4b(4)July 25, 2014

We got some rain today, that's great, we needed it. Only half an inch but still, it's rain!
I knew the daylilies will be damaged by the rain, but what I didn't know was that
many of them chose today to open lots of blooms!
Even the ones on which I have only ever seen 1-2 blooms. Why?
I had at least 25 plants with 9-15 blooms at once. And almost everything was shredded..
Also because it was a cold night yesterday some didn't open all the way.

Here are the only ones that looked good enough to take a pic:

Zuni Thunderbird

Tahlequah Flame

Swirling Water

Utopia or Oblivion. Both this and another older Hanson dl were not bothered by the rain at all,
but they didn't open fully

My noid with 16 flowers, no rain damage, but this daylily is so tall it's hard to make a clump shot

Here is a part of the bed with all of them opening more flowers than usual.
Well, Ruby Spider is loaded with blooms every day this year, but Francis of Assisi
had 15 and Yellow Titan too

No close up there, they were all rain damaged :( Plus Francis had poor opening

Grace Brooker looked ok

JKO was hiding under the two umbrellas of the blooms above this one (those looked bad)

Fear Not

Surprisingly, Neal Berrey. But maybe because the blooms on it don't look up

Part of Tower of Babel clump

pleated noid

From some distance they looked alright :) In the front is Gather at the River.
It opens later, and it also held up in the rain, maybe because of that

Here is a close up of GATR clump at about 6pm


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shive(6b TN)

Those clumps are fantastic, rain soaked or not. The photo showing Ruby Spider and Yellow Titan is just breathtaking! Gather at the River is SO pretty, I just love the photos of it.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Wow, beautiful garden shots Nat! All the daylilies look so happy about the rain that they are celebrating. It looks like a party in your garden with all that color. I love your first Noid (great color), Tower of Babel and GATR and the clump shot w/ Ruby Spider is outstanding.


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Thanks Debra and Celeste!
Evening pic of GATR of course shows the wrong color, I just wanted to show that it opens and looked good till the end.
Those two garden shots show like 2/3 of our backyard, there's a bed to the left and that's it *sniffles*. I desperately need some room not even for new ones but to move the existing ones as some of them are so big.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Nice garden shots, those are my favorites! Everything looks lovely. I wish we'd get some rain here - we really need it.

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That's the way I feel about rain. We need it but it makes the daylilies look bad. Oh well, guess we can't have it all. You have some beautiful daylilies.

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GATR is one gorgeous clump!

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sherrygirl zone5

Love the garden shots! Those are always my favorite pics


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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Like the shape of your dayliliy beds. Lots of room for them to grow and for you too work with them. Really nice they look great.

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Yellow Titan is one I am going to explore. Is bud count decent?

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What a beautiful response to the rain. I have noticed that when it rains here the next day I get many more blooms than usual. That Gather at the River clump is an amazing color. Love it. Your Ruby spider ed was magnificent. I like Swirling Water, but the bed shots are always my favorites.

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