New hosta accessory!

JaniceJuly 16, 2008

This is our new little guy--'Barnie' 17 weeks! Supposed to be a designer dog--Papillon/Chinese Crested,

but I'm pretty sure (and so is the vet and his assistant that breeds Chihuahuas) that it's Papillon and Chihuahua


He is ADORABLE and so good and so sweet!! Had him since Saturday--and he's just working out wonderfully!!

So--do you have any new *hosta accessories* this year??

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

No new hosta accessories so far, but yours is a little DOLL! What a cutie!

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Cute and I'm glad he is yours! We went from dogs to cats 15 years ago and my H wouldn't go back. Don't get as much love as dogs but also don't need to take outside anymore. LOL


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koidom(8 OR)

He is cute!

I like his color!

I love Love Papillons! but don't think they should be crossed with other breeds for money, long haired Chihuahuas have a LOT of papillon and yorkie in them to get the coat so I really like a lot of long haired Chihuahuas as they look like paps :)

This little guy will be so much fun you'll be hooked for life! that is once the house breaking is over with :P

I have a little butterfly in my garden also, (Papillon is french for butterfly)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Love your little accessory! How does Buddy like him? Buddy is probably intimidating to the little guy,at 19 lbs! Looking forward to seeing him,and you,soon. Phil

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Thanks everyone!! We're having fun--and so is he. He's a hit with our Lab, Molly
who is ten years old. We're counting on her to teach him all the ropes and it's pretty much working
out that way!

And, Connie--we also have two cats--I'm very much the cat person, and not really a dog person,
but this little guy is just the size I can enjoy! It's hard to have a Lab sit in your lap,
not that she doesn't want to, mind you! LOL

And, the cats are tolerating him pretty well, and he's fearless with them---backing them up till they turn and
run! I know that 'Buddy' will be in the romp with him before long! Buddy loves to play chase with the Lab and
this little guy will definitely be up to the chase!!

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I couldn't resist another pic.! This one is for you, Lisa, if you've found this thread!!!

Don't those eyes just make you want to scoop him up??? :o)

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

I'm glad you posted the new pic, Janice. I showed Gary the one with the new hostas earlier today, and he wondered what breeds Barney was. I couldn't remember and couldn't seem to find this post. Then, when I looked just now, here it was! You must have read my mind :-) Barney is a doll!

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Thank you, Joyce--he INDEED IS a doll!!! We just love him!!! Does it show? LOL

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Aw he's adorable! Is he a rescue? He sure looks like he found a good home with you - I'm sure you will both be very happy for a long time.


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Alexa--no rescue--we paid dearly for him--grrr--a mutt basically since
they cannot GUARANTEE his heritage but truthfully I wanted a mixed breed,
as advised by our Vet, so I guess sometiimes you have to pay for what
you get, and hopefully get what you pay for!!!

He is such a delight--all bouncy, fun, fun, fun--shoulda named him 'Tigger'
and yet, he will calm right down the moment you pick him up to hold him.

We're off to get him some more toys--he's forever after the grandson's toys,
although we have gotten him a couple of things already--guess he likes baby
toys better!!!

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

And you know what's funny? Our BABY likes the DOG toys better than her expensive baby toys! To include the dog leashes, which she likes to drag around as she crawls. And the dogs usually leave her baby toys alone. Go figure.


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LOL Buff---so doggie play day at your house will be perfect for Makenna and all!!!

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Guess what--a friend is throwing a 'Puppy Shower' for Barney tomorrow at one of our parks! Isn't that a hoot!

I'll report back on the details and the fun!!!! Never been to a 'Puppy Shower' but I'm thinking this could
start a trend!! LOL

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Well--fun was had by all! Thirteen of us gathered to laugh and welcome 'Barney'
into our family!! What a great group of friends I have!

Barney should not need any doggie snacks for three years, and he is also well-equipped
with toys and chews and even a traveling dog bowl that folds up and stores easily,
a canvas sort of thing with a lining that will hold food or water!!

People would walk by with their dogs on a leash and wonder 'what-in-the-world'
were we about with a 'puppy shower', but we didn't care--we were having such fun!
And the food my friend prepared was also so wonderful--I've got to get her recipe
for chicken salad she makes from scratch--roasts her chicken the night before
and all!!!!

One of my friends even had a cake made and decorated in honor of 'Barney' and his shower!!!
And, one of my friends got a doggie frame with toys and snacks and and doggie clean-up baggies,
another threw in some 'People Crackers'--what a riot!! Each of them was so clever in what
they chose for him! I think they had a lot of fun doing it!!

One happy and spoiled puppy, already, with such attention!!!

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Hey j, Barney is so cute i just want to pet him !!!


And toss him a stick and play fetch all day!! so CUTE!!

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Paul--he'd keep you very busy playing fetch--for sure!!!

Glad you like our 'Barney'!! Totally ADORABLE!!! Now, if he could just get this
house-breaking thing down pat!!! Sigh! At least, everything about him is
small--that helps a lot!!! :o)

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toymr2mk2(SE VA z7b/8a)

Barney is adorable! And you are definately the proud new momma gonna spoil him silly huh?'t they just pull at your heart when they are puppies and quickly become your lifelong best friend? Janice told me about her new little one a while back and wanted me to show you all my new hosta accessories too. In the last 2 yrs I have lost both of my hosta dogs. I was actually going to get a puppy to keep my older female company and ended up with a bit more. And when she passed I was glad I did as they have definately filled a huge void in my life and heart. So here they are.....Spencer is the dark one, Buddy is the light one and Annie is the silver dapple. They are a blessing in many ways aren't they Janice? Now I just have to train them not to destroy the hostas!

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They are just SO ADORABLE, Art, and I am so glad they have helped fill the voids left by your other two babies!!!
I just hate losing people and pets!!!;o/ But, I believe they go on before us, and will be there to welcome us when
our time comes to graduate!!

Annie really catches the eye, doesn't she!!! Amazing coloration!!!

Thank you, Art, for sharig your pics. with all the others! I couldn't look at them myself and not want you to share
them with the rest of us!!!

Thanks hosta-buddy!!!


PS--post some progress reports (and pics.) on those dolls, as well--okay?

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