Lavender won't bloom

hubbardii(z8 TX)June 3, 2006

I have a lavender that I planted last fall in a 10 gallon terra cotta pot. It's grown quite a bit this spring but it will not bloom. I water it every other day, and I feed it with Hasta Gro every 2 or 3 weeks. Any suggestions?

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Okay.... probably stop watering it so much and don't feed it either... lavender is a mediterranean plant that likes it on the dryer side.... so either give it great drainage or don't water so much. PLUS, it likes the soil a little lean... yer probably near killing it with over love.

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Ditto Heathen. Make life a lot more difficult for it, make it work harder. Not only is it more likely to bloom, but it'll smell better. Oh, and if it's only young, give it time. Lavender often doesn't flower until about its third year or later.

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All my lavender's (Munstead, Grosso and Vera) bloomed beautifully 2nd year...with exception of Munstead which bloomed very late and pitifully so it's first year from seed. I don't feed them and have them all in lean, gravely sandy soil in full sun. Never watered except by nature and in summer that is almost never.


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hubbardii(z8 TX)

Thanks! I'll kill the fertalizer. Even rosemary will wilt under the central Texas sun. How often should I water it? Is once a week too much?

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Watering on a schedule is really not good for plants... I'd stick my finger in the soil, and if it is dry 2" down, then it can be watered. These plants can take serious 110º heat and when it's that hot, then I'd water more.

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Dear heathen, thank for you the tips. I'm going to try and be patient with my new baby lavender plants as they have not yet bloomed. It was very helpful to find this conversation when I googled. Thank you for sharing you green thumb knowledge.

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