What *PROJECTS* have you been involved in this year?

JaniceJuly 2, 2008

I'm going to give more attention to this subject off and on today and more tomorrow (expected to rain all day tomorrow)

but I'm interested in seeing what you've done this year, so, I'll go ahead and get it started!

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS SUMMER--in your gardens or about your house? And, even what are you

planning to do, even yet?

Pics. would be wonderful--even as you go along in completing your projects--a progress report!! Before and afters, too!!! :o)

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

I moved to Michigan and got married :-)

I brought a pickup full of plants with me (mostly hosta) and even did a double-decker by putting a wooden divider across the top of the box inside a pickup topper. None of them are planted yet. They're all in pots in the front yard.

We (husband Gary and new step-daughter Emi and myself) love the new house. It's a new old house, about 1900-1910 vintage, has been remodeled nicely (but in the older looking style) and is so pretty. The town is full of these old turn of the century houses and many beautiful gardens. I'll post pics sometime.

Gary is a sweetheart (I told him I only was marrying him to get his daughter and his grandkids but that was a fib) and loves gardening as much as I do. Well, almost as much anyway :-).

We are living on the Keweenaw penninsula, waaaaay at the very top of the UP. It's the first time I've ever lived in a vacation paradise! We've been walking on white sand beaches on the shores of Lake Superior and 4-wheeling on miles of trails through deep woods. It's a lovely place. Oh, except maybe for the 187 inches of snow they average here every winter!

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Oh my goodness, Joyce! You HAVE been busy, haven't you and it sounds like you are in a 'good place'! I can't wait
till you start posting pics. of your new gardens and your new home (you will won't you?) and the lovely area you are
living in, now!!!

I hope and pray you will be very happy with all the new changes in your life, and your new hosta-home!! :o)

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

It's really nice to hear from Joyce...my forever hosta friend....good luck Joyce in your new life....

Janice, as for me, I'm busy right now constructing a screened porch over an existing patio. Here's a few pics:

The screened room (we call it the Florida Room) is well underway...the roof should be completed next week...

In late October 2007, I have poured the concrete steps that leads to the beach...and the first thing I did this Spring was to transplant 8 mature hostas (the best in my collection ) ...on the west side of the concrete steps:


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Papou--Awesome project and walkway plantings! You've got some serios 'wood' going on, on that Florida room project.
I know you will enjoy it, so much!

Thanks for sharing with us!!!

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In the beginning--there had to be a plan:

You can't see it so well, but anywhere in this area, where you can see full circle all the hosta I've put in,
is slightly sloping and as 'time' is marching on, it is becoming harder and harder to get up from this type
of seating, when sloped!


Whereas I do miss my expanse of lawn at times, it is much easier and way more fun
to view all my hosta and sit upright while I'm doing it!

This was as far as we got last year 2007, so we had to work more on the 'project' this year--like
put in the railing and steps off the deck and furniture!

But--there was even more to be done, as I 'discovered' a whole new planting possibility when we had
decided to close off the posibility of exiting to the right side. Remember how we left it
last year? Scroll back to see last pic. above first! :o)

Here is what we've done so far:

Pretty much done now--just some minor final touches to be done tomorrow,
hopefully--whew--it's getting harder and harder for me to do this stuff, folks:

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

WOW Janice! That's quite a great looking project that you completed. Congratulations! One starts with a couple of thoughts....then a few more....then you think of adding something....you let your imagination create something nice...and the end result is shown in your last pic. Really nice!
I enjoy scrolling up and down from your 'Before' pic...the first one above...to your 'After' pic....the last one. Great design! I enjoy it!


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I've always told you I like your designs,and they are beautiful. Now the next observation. Slope?? You live in Ohio,a place flatter than Florida! I've been through your neck of the woods many times,and I've never seen a hill yet! Lol! We are going to pass through there to Michigan later this month,to see my wife's mother on her 85th birthday,and I guarantee you,except for down around Cincinnati,there are no hills! Phil

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We are in one of the few areas that do have some slight rolling hills!! LOL Thank you, Lord!
I love rolling hills! They are not nearly as significant as your mountains, but,
trust me, our yard gently slopes all the way back, beyond that fence and down
another 1/4 acre.

We live south east of Dayton, getting into the lolling hills somewhat and extending all
the way to Cincinnati, on their east side where there are indeed, some hills--love it in that area.

And, hey---even in Dayton, the southern end of it, there are some respectable lollings going on!! :o)

I'd love to have you stop by if you find yourself up our way! Email me, and I'll give you my telephone
number if there's a chance you might be able to! My hubby is retired so we are here most of the time
and always up for a visit, as long as I have notice enough to get the inside work done, that gets
neglected in the summer--for obvious reasons! :o)

Okay--here's a way to calculate our slope---you step right on that deck, from the front, but in the back,
the deck is 17" above the sloping ground, and the slope continues as I said---all the way back without
leveling out, very much! Stop laughing--you 'hill-snob'! LOL It's the closest thing I have to a *hill*! :o)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Sorry about that,Janice! It's just that I will never be able to grow the kind,or size hostas that you all grow up nawth,because all water runs downhill from the plants. Whereas,your ground is relatively flat,and water can sink in. Plus you have another strange phenomena,called rain,that we don't have! No,we still aren't getting the kind of rain we need. It has gotten so bad in Clemson,SC,that they have gone to a watering ban,throughout the city. I am on a well,so I may be alright,but I don't want the well to go dry. I'll quit kidding you about your hills,now! Phil

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Ahhh, Phil---don't stop kidding me--I can take it from you! I don't for one minute feel 'oppressed'!LOL
And, I was kidding you back---you knew that--right? ;o)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Yes,I do! We are leaving here on the 23rd of the month,and will be in that area that same day. We always plan on stopping somewhere in Ohio,anyway. I will run it by my wife,and see what she says. If argreeable,I will finalize plans later with you. I might even bring you a hosta you don't have,but I will give you no clues beforehand! I have one in mind. BTW,we always try to get somewnere north of Cincinatti,before we stop for the night. But,we will be staying in a motel! Maybe we'll be seeing you. Phil

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Sounds great Phil--I checked the calendar and we have no plans for that date! You both are welcome to
stay with us--we have a hide-a-bed, and a really comfy sofa, as well, with a powder room adjoined to
that room (family room)! Can't say as the hide-a-bed is all that comfy for two, though, but between
the sofa and that--it's not that bad! :o)

Our other bedrooms have been converted into an office and a playroom--and with my parents passing,
we don't often have over-night guests, anymore!

If you prefer to stay at a hotel or motel, there's a Holiday Inn Express about 8 mins. south us, off I-675 and
Wilmington Pike!

Hey--if you bring me a decent hill, and some rocks, I'll be real happy, enough! LOL

I hope it works out you can come!!! :o)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Hey Janice,I sent you an e-mail from your page info in the forum. Hope you get it. Phil

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Got it, and you should have an email response, hopefully!!! :o)

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I just want to say hi to everyone. I love the projects Jancie and Papou have created. Congratulations Joyce, it sounds like you live in a great place.

The patio you've done is absolutely beautiful Janice. I want to come sit there. Hopefully Phil will make it. I wish I could post pictures of some of our projects. One is hubby's actually of a multi level planter made with the same construction of landscape logs as the side of your patio. I've also been working on re-doing the paths in my "big" garden. I feel quite handicapped because I can't get on Photobucket yet. I'm not sure what happened but when I write them they say they can get on with my password but I can't from my computer. Some things had to be done on my computer due to overloading with pictures (no surprise) and I haven't had time to figure out what to do yet but posting with out pictures, for me, is like having my arm cut off.

I have enjoyed looking at everyone elses gardens and hostas in the meantime. McT

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Hey,McT! I had the same trouble with Photobucket a couple years ago. I couldn't get my password to work,so I just opened a new one and this time I made sure I wrote it down! I still have some pics on the old one,but now it is lost in "cyberspace"! Yes,I will go to see Janice,in a couple weeks. We've talked on the phone. Try what I said,maybe it'll work! Phil

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We've missed your pics. McT!! You MUST do something to get back onboard posting them.
I can't wait to see your project!!!

I think (operative word there is *think*), I'm about to run out of major projects this season.
I thought that two days ago, in fact, and impulsively wound up extending a bed further out
(6-12" in places) into that absurd weed called 'grass'!

Here are some pics.:

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Thanks Phil, I'll try that as soon as I get a chance. I have a daughter and grandaughter here until next week. My sister left yesterday. Summer (such as it is - weatherwise) is passing too quickly.

I love the extension Janice. Again we're thinking alike. Yesterday I did a small change by extending into my already small lawn. I added enough inches of planting space to move Dragon Tails forward. It was being burried by Komodo Dragon. I keep thinking I'm done too but find other things that I MUST do. The weather being lousy this summer has made more time for actual garden work. Usually it gets to 90-100f by one o'clock all through the summer and that's it for anything but laying by the pool with a book. Keep up the good work and lets see some more new creations people. McT

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

We finally moved out of the house and into the yard this past weekend! Late last week, we had 13 cubic yards of topsoil (or what passes for topsoil here anyway) delivered. First thing we had to do was fix the grade around the house. It slanted down toward the house on two sides, which is NOT a good thing and can cause a wet basement. Then we decided to put even more topsoil around the foundation on the north side of the house in order to be able to create a hosta bed that was higher in the back for an even more beautiful display. This is where we put our first bed. So far, it contains several hostas and 3 varieties of bleeding hearts. I've named this bed "Hostas and Hearts". Then we started the second bed. There was a sunken spot in the front yard, surrounded by rocks. In it, were 4 nice sized hostas, a couple of hosta seedlings and some ajuga. I dug the ajuga to save for later. Then I dug and loosened the hostas and Gary and I both reached under these huge clumps of dirt, one from each side, and lifted them out and to the side of the bed. Then we put in a yard, or yard and a half, of topsoil, to raise the bed about 6-7 inches above the height of the surrounding area. The rock border went back in (although we are short of rocks and will have to get more) and then the hosta we had taken out. I don't have the names, of course, but three of the 4 are pretty nice looking hostas. I've got a half a dozen others whose tags were victims of the winter, moving twice, etc. etc. I'm going to put them in the same bed and name that "Bed of the Unknown Hosta" (kind of like tomb of the unknown soldier). The whole front area is looking pretty promising. I'll get pictures to post a little later.

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Great Joyce and McT---I am breathlessly waiting for those pics. I LOVE projects--seem to be miserable
during them sometimes--heat and grunt work--but love the finished products!!!

Keep spurring us forward--with all the inspirations you have, hosta, any kind planting, accessorizing etc.
Love em!!

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Thanks Phil. I just opened a new account with Photobucket. This is an experiment to see if it works. Below is a picture of my 10 month old grandaughter, Gracie. Pretty darn cute and sweet and happy too!

I should be able to do some picture later this week. That is if when I close and reopen Photobucket it works. McT

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

It should work fine Myrle! I can't remember how you spelled your first name? I've been using my new one for quite awhile and it is still OK. Nice pics BTW! Phil

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Awww--McT---wonderful babies!!! I remember a thread--some time ago, where someone
placed their new baby under a hosta plant for a pic.! Two of the many 'best things' we
have--hosta and babies!!!!

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

I'm going to post my project pics in a new thread..... This one is already pretty 'pic heavy' and takes a bit to open all the way up even on high speed. Please look for my project thread and take a peek at the pics :-)

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

Here's a couple of photos showing the progress of the work of constructing my new Florida Screened Room. Work was delayed about one month at which time I was in and out of the hospital. I have been tagged as having an incurrable cancer...so I guess that I will have to take it easy from now on....


Here is a link that might be useful: Papou's Hosta website

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Oh, Papou, I'm so sorry! That is terrible news. Your room is beautiful and your plants and garden is always inspiring. I hope you will find peace and healing in the beauty you've created. Myrle

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Papou, I am so sorry to hear about the cancer. Our prayers go out for you. I hope that your health doesn't keep you from doing the things you love to do and that you can continue to spend time working in your gardens and doing the same activities you've always loved to do with your friends and family. A lot of people here will be thinking of you and sending their love and good wishes.

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I had to reread that sentence a few times before it sunk it as to what you were saying. I am so sorry to hear this. You have created such peaceful, serene and beautiful gardens. I hope they will be of great comfort to you and send you peace.

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Oh no, Papou!!! My prayers are also with you through this very unsettling time! I do hope you are
enjoying your beautiful new room, able to relax and take in the beauty you have designed into your place!

I know many who are encouraged that doctors and man do not know the real story of our lives, so often
and there is One who has our days written down in a book, having ordained them before we ever live one!
It ain't over till He says 'it's over' and for many who have their hopes in Him, it truly is not 'the
end of the story'!!

I trust the One who has your days in the palm of His hand will give you His peace!!!!

Don't stop posting--okay???

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Our thoughts are always with you!!
You have always given us a reason to stick together and now we all know why!!
We are all family!!

This is a sneak peek at the newest bed that I am working on...


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Papou - I'm so sorry to hear your news. My prayers and thoughts are with you and Therese.


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You have been such an inspiration to so many on this forum, now it is time to let us help you. Hopefully after all the hard work you have done in your yard you are strong
and your mind has been very active, so you have something to stand by you.

Keep your appointments and do whatever you feel is best for you. Take it a day at a time. Most of all, Keep in Touch Mon Ami


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Papou, it is you I admire the most on GW not for your plants that are grand but for your conduct.

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PS, if you like you can post or link your website to my forum here http://www.bloomingtononline.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=148.

The world needs to see it.

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Papou, dear, your landscaping and Florida Room are beautiful, your news is not. You are widely admired for your knowledge, good humor and generosity on these hosta forums. Peace be with you, my friend.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Well, that stinks! I am really sorry but know your spirit will prevail.
There are lots who are living with incurable cancer. I hope it is treatable if not curable, and modern medicine can make you comfortable.
Linda C...an almost 10 year survivor.

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papou, i have only been here (on this forum) since the start of june, when most of the hosta are coming out of the ground looking realy nice!! (or maybe that would be may). and probably had a beer while i was watching them poke there stupids little heads out of the ground!! when i heard some real great advice from you!! I always look forward to YOUR advice and your , sorry lost my train of thought !! I can only hope that you get better, I know that i seem to be such a smart ass here, but right now i am actually crying here to hope that you will be okay!

Paul (i dont know how else to be blunt, but my eyes have so many tears in them I could not even know how to start my thread!!)and if i spelled anything incorrectly it was bekuz the screen was a blur!!



Papou, there are so many people thinking about you,. and praing ( in the diferent languages that go on in our heads ) i prefer pig latin that is the most difficult to under stand, yes i can be dense, or is it dunce! who knows and who gives a grand F!!!! oo was that alowed here?

You better get better or i will have to send my HOSTA FAIRIES over to sprinkle there hosta fairy dust on you and make you get better!!


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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

Papou, I am so saddened by your news.
I just can't express my feelings, but I ditto everything Janice has said and I will add this..."Keep looking up and don't give up"

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Papou, my prayers are with you and your wife. Your gardens are so inspiring to us all. I pray the beauty of your gardens will give you comfort and healing.

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msjo(Z5 MadisonWI)

Papou, I have only been on this forum a short time and find it both educational and humorous.

Not very often do you have the opportunity to 'meet' such a special person, such as yourself. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.


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jbranch(7B Alabama)

Papou - so sorry to hear about your cancer. To everyone: we have a prayer circle at church. I suggest we have a GardenWeb prayer circle for Papou. I believe in the power of prayer and hope everyone that reads this will give it a try.

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Papou, your Florida room turned out just beautiful. I adore your hosta garden, and your lovely home.

Today I looked at your website. What an amazing amount of information, and put together so beautifully! Thank you kindly for taking the time to share your knowledge with others (like me), who want to learn more about these green growing companions.

I pray for your healing, and for peace for you and your wife and family. I feel honored to be able to get to know you through this forum.

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Papou, I am fairly new on this forum, and I remember one of the first things I did was open your website. I was stunned with the amount of beauty and information on it and was actually looking forward to winter when I would have it to study and enjoy during my "down time". As I was calmly reading this thread last night, I was stunned when I got to your announcement. I am devastated with the news of your health. However, I stopped believing diagnosises years ago. I had colon cancer in 1987 and breast cancer in 2000, and I'm still going strong. We have so many meds and procceedures that are continually being updated and improved, and I know your doctor will do the very best for you. In fact my Oncologist told me that they now treat so many cancers as a chronic illness. We are not willing to give up your pictures, information, and enthusiasm as well as the wonderful calm dignity you always project in your posts. I love your new porch addition, and your prize hosta growing along your new steps. Stay busy, stay in touch, and God Bless You. We only have one Papou, and you are our treasure. I hope all our prayers will bring you comfort. Your fellow Hosta lover, Mary.

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Your hosta family is truly blessed having you in our lives :)
Be assured we are here for you, as you always are for us.

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Papou, I'm one who has been inspired by your pictures and your posts . . . I'll be praying for you and your wife as you face this new challenge. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

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wildflower59(z7 va)

Your room is truly beautiful and one I would love to have! I am sorry to hear your news. Prayers for you and your family.


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Oh Papou, you are such a special man, so sorry to hear your news. I will be praying for you. May God give you strength as you go through this.



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I want to Thank you ever so much Papou , for the many hours of happiness I have had strolling through your hostas on the web . Many times when things weren't so good for me, I looked through your web sight & saw hope I could get stronger after my illness and some day have nice gardens too. May God & Your Beautiful Gardens help you through these hard days...my prayers for you & your family . ~Dot

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Love the Florida screened room, Papou! I have a screened porch and it is a wonderful addition to a house. I was very sorry to hear about your cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

Thank you very much everybody for your kind words of encouragement and best wishes. My family and I are deeply affected by your prayers and I am sure that the Lord MY God will give me the strength and courage to pass thru this crisis.
Thanks again!

I love you all.


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This is my first Garden Web posting. I DO read occasionally, but more often pop in if Sandy tells me to look at something.

And that she did this evening - a note to look at the posts above. She and I both fondly remember our visit to your wonderful garden a bit more than two years ago and I see from the pictures above that you have made it even more wonderful.

I just want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you as you face this crisis.


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papou(Z5b Ontario)

Hi Ann, it is nice to hear from you. Time goes by fast... 2 years since we saw each other. You and Sandy should come and visit us next summer....and bring Maureen with you. It would be nice to have canopies and wine together.
I also missed out on Maureen as I was supposed to bring her 3 or 4 hostas this Spring....
I noted that you post on Hallsons. I hope that you can join us here on Garden Web once in a while. Your prayers are appreciated...


    Bookmark   October 12, 2008 at 3:02AM
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