Rosemary not thriving, not dying

bullylady(5)June 27, 2010

I just have a question, my rosemary isn't really thriving and I don't know why. It certainly isn't dying though, very healthy looking green leaves and nice woody stems, no yellowing or browning, nothing ever falls off it.

It gets full sunlight alllll day long, and I water it every day or every other day-ish, just kind of depending on when it looks dry. That end of my bed has better drainage, so I always water that side (also has basil and mint) then go water the other side (a few more herbs and some veggies) and then come *back* and water that side again. I trimmed some off the top to use for cooking because it looks very healthy and I thought that might stimulate grown, but it hasn't.

Any thoughts?

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"I water it every day or every other day-ish"
Let it go longer between waterings, and then really soak it.

Plant your herbs according to needs, not looks: Mint needs shade and plenty of water, basil is moderately drought tolerant and likes full sun, rosemary does best in full sun with occasional deep soakings.

Obviously they can't all live in the same area and be happy.

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