Pictures that will NEVER make the Hosta Forum

hostasformez4(4/5)July 29, 2008

I knew we all have them. Those areas that we never take pictures of. Well here are mine. For all the world to see.

Just wanted to make you all feel good about your own yards.


Herb garden gone wild! Sadly, it is right out my back door!!!

Few things to put away. Been there since spring!

Poor things, never got planted.

Never got compost turned over this year.Just added more

Overflow compost (two wire circles) and branches to be burned in fall. Tree rounds to be placed in a hosta bed. Maybe next year? Free chair to a good home.

Now, don't you all feel better!?!

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koidom(8 OR)

Not really nightmare stuff there Connie.

I KNOW I could do better but I don't want to be blamed for people not being able to sleep :P

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LOL--Connie--it is so funny that you have posted your 'areas' of 'reality'
because, a few days ago!I had thought it would be fun to do that very thing!

There are 'those' who know about mine--'buff24', 'hostafreak', 'Davemidohio, our long
lost 'Poppy' who no longer posts with us (probably out of shock of what she saw in my yard)!

Of course, they all know they will be 'shot' if they reveal any photos of those areas! LOL
Not really--I need to go out with my camera--and let it all out, too!

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hostared(Z5, IL)

Good one Connie...LOL big time.

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Okay, Connie--just for you--I'll show you mine--but these are for 'your eyes only'--okay?

Driveway with trailer full of wonderul composted horse manure
and all the junk surrounding it:

And this is an area behind an often photographed fence, that I have
delegated as my 'overflow' of the more common hosta moved to make way for
the 'new kids on the block'! Oviously, these poor guys/gals need some watering!:

Another hidden area behind the short lattice fence across the middle of our upper back yard:

A potential hosta bed--maybe next year--or even this year if I get up the energy to tackle it:

And, finally---behind this gate....: this mess:

Do you feel better, Connie? I couldn't leave you to be the only one, who is willing to be
so transparent and honest about your living space!! We ALL only want folks to see our
best sides, and views of our places, but lest there are those who think it's all *rosey & right*
in every corner, you have stepped forward to let it all hang out and make us all feel better!!

God bless you girl!!! I love your *style*--you're one classy lady!!!!!

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Glad I don't live next door to you!!!! LOL LOL

We all need areas like that when we garden. I would have had a woodpile too but straightened it early in the spring.

It made me laugh when i looked at your pictures this morning while I wait to go to Madison WI. where I had to admit my brother to the hospital while we were visiting his wife yesterday. She had knee replacement and he had a reaccuring bought with fever from an infection from a fistula (sp.?) which needs to be seen by the oncology dept at the University Hospital where we were. What a day!!!! Now I'm waiting for my nephew to pick me up and we are going back to check things out.


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I just saw these and you two are a riot. I'm glad to see that other people have spots they try to hide from the camera though both of yours are mild compared to my eyesores. With all the pictures I've posted I've tried to be sure and not include the "collections" that abound around here. I'll come clean and get some pictures soon and both of you will feel like Martha Stewart. Myrle

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Oh Connie--I hope your brother gets good news from the oncologist, and that his wife's knee
replacement recovery is going well--wow what a day for you and them!!!

Myrle--you're so funny! I seriously doubt any of us would be horrified at your 'spots'!!
I don't think I'd ever feel like Martha Stewart--well, maybe her creativity, but not
her attitude for sure!!!LOL

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