Cuban Buttercup?

saintpflaJuly 10, 2007

Happy Hot and Sweaty July everyone! Just remember, even the heat of July is better than a foot of snow and 33 degrees in November!

Does anyone have any experience with Cuban Buttercup? The dark shiny leaf with bright yellow flowers? I have it everywhere in my yard (front, back and side yards...oh..and found one in my windowbox too!...) and have never bought a single plant. I have no idea where I'm getting so many from. The birds maybe?

I do enjoy them, but, have noticed that they don't do well dug up and replanted somewhere appropriate. They seem to go dormant and lose all their leaves and/or die. Also, HOW do you get it to look 'shrub like' rather than a tall stick with leaves and a few flowers?

I would keep them if I can get them bushy...but I hate that 'stick with leaves' look. Anyone out here grow them and have suggestions?

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nytrinigemini(10, Miami FL)

HI Saintp, I bought one cuban I have them all over my year.....I have transplanted them before...and while they go into shock for a little bit trust me the bounce can also prune the buttercup as you would any shrub.....I just wacked one of mine down hard because it got so big it was invading the purple shower space...hope that helps.


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Thanks Michele!

Have you been successful with turning it into a shrub? How big does it actually get?

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I have lots of little babies. Don't you love free plants!!!I find those transplant better. I have a couple that are huge. I keep wacking them and they keep on growin. I guess you could train or shape them to whatever shape you like.


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Yes, I am ALL about the free plants right now!

I have been doing a budget and found out just how much those weekend trips to Home Depot/Lowes and the various garden centers were actually costing me per month! YIKES!

That's why I was asking the shrub questions...thinking the Cuban buttercup may make a nice shrub line on my fence!

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nytrinigemini(10, Miami FL)

My buttercups have filled in for making it into a hedge I think if you put enough of them together it would look great...if you need babies I have many.

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Hi. I am new to this forum.
I've had them for years and like others have never bought one. I saw them in Home Depot and they wanted $$ for them! I have had them freeze and die. Mostly they thrive in the garden from their babies so I am not certain a shrub would be possible. Pruning them would probably make them bushy. If anyone lives near Hudson I would be delighted to share.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Hardy little devils aren't they. ?? lol You will never get rid of them lol. I always whack them down whenever they get too tall. .and pull them whenevr I see new ones.
Watch your pots and raingutters they'll grow quite happily there too lol They can get at least 6 feet tall but get very leggy. If you give them some good soil and a shot of fert. they'll flower like crazy and twice as big.
They seem to die out after a while so wouldn't be too good a shrub. There is a pale yellow type with a black eye ,much shorter and more prostrate .Also a hybrid between the two . gary

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nytrinigemini(10, Miami FL)

Gary do you have any idea how long they will last? my garden is about a year old and they were on of the first things I bought.....I was surprised to find babies all over the place :-)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Do you mean individual plants or offspring?? I would say around two years though they decline sharply during winter.
have had them over 20 years lol Still getting new ones all the time. Anytime you dig you'll get new ones
I don't think it's possible to get rid of them entirely but you can keep them thinned and very easy to pull .

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OMG....I have buttercup babies everywhere! They are the most efficient self-sowing plant I have ever seen.

I find it hard to keep them from getting 'leggy' even with trimming. What's the secret to this? Also, mine have lasted longer than two years...??

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