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vons(zone 7)June 28, 2012

Hi all, this is my first try at an herb garden, these plants sit on my window sill, i live in zone 7, i get full sun for about four hours each day, i have sweet basil, rosemary, and Greek oregano. I am using all the herbs in my cooking, but now they are growing wild, and the basil is not looking like when it was first brought, the leaves are looking a little wilted,i did find some spider webs under the leafs of the basil plant, and sprayed with Ortho elementals insect soap, they seem fine now. How far should i trim the herbs back to get control them. and how do you dry them so i can use them later. I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you

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Looks very nice, I must say! I have a small in-ground herb garden along side of my veg garden! I am hoping to do a similar container herb garden also to keep out on my deck. I'm not sure how to prevent spider mites from your herbs and you wouldnt want to use any organic insecticide soap on the herbs either. Basil should be cut down and either use the sprigs you cut or you can actually root basil in plain water. I do that sometimes to make a bigger basil clump!

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You've committed several Beginner's Sins. (1) you've put plants with different needs in the one pot (2) you've put potentially large plants into too small a pot - THREE of them, no less - gasp! (3) you're trying to grow them in an unsuitable environment where they're not getting enough sun and where they're susceptible to attack from bugs (usually only happens to weak and sick - vulnerable - plants.

Check out the mature size for each of the plants you have. Prepare yourself for a big surprise. You're trying to make a child's shoe fit a large adult!! As it is, they're competing for water, nutrients and room to spread, and the basil in particular is losing badly.

Basil needs to grow rapidly, needs more water and nutrients than the other two.

All these herbs need a minimum of 6 and preferably more hours of DIRECT, unfiltered sunlight every day. They're from the sunny Mediterranean, you know.

Sitting inside, they're sure to be sitting on a saucer which collects excess water. This is a huge NO NO NO. These plants do not like constantly wet feet.

Solution? Find a more suitable place for them. Transplant them all into individual pots, each several times larger than the existing pot. Once outside, give them a spray with Garlic Spray to kill of bugs, fungus etc.

Remember that Nature didn't invent window sills, and therefore didn't invent plants to be accommodated on them.

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vons(zone 7)

Thanks for the info daisyduckworth. I will plant them in large individual pots, and take them outside. How do you make the garlic spray.

lizbeth _pa, no more organic insect spray.

Again thanks for the all the help.

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Soak 1/2 cup crushed garlic cloves in 1/2 cup vegetable oil for one week. Add a little liquid soap and dilute the mixture - 1 part mixture to 10 parts water. Garlic spay will kill and repel aphids, woolly aphids, bean fly, stink bugs, crickets, grasshoppers, red spider mite, sawfly larvae, scale, snails, slugs, thrips and caterpillars, mosquitoes and ticks, the adult moths of leaf-miners and mealy bugs. It is an effective fungicide when used 3-4 times a week against potato blight and damping off.
Crush 100g garlic, 2 chillies and 2 onions and cover with water for 24 hours. Strain and add enough water to make up 2 litres.

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