More blooms from this season..

mizellie(z7 Al)July 11, 2012

Just a continuation. We have had quite a bit of rain there last 2 days and I'm loving it. We needed it so badly.. I bought a few new ones but I am still downsizing in a major way!! I have a bid on Talladega, I doubt that I will win it though.. Flamingo Sunrise, April Smith, Tal Of Gascone, Gary Colby, Tropical Cooler,Celestial Empire. I did manage a couple of photos of some of them that bloomed after I potted them. Ellie


Is this really Hooked On Edges. Somehow it doesn't seem so.

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shive(6b TN)

I love that clump of Golliwog. It's my favorite of these.


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Very pretty Gs and Hs! My very favorite is Gilded by Grace, Grape Pretender looks great, I also like Holy City and Good Morning America, and Heaven's Portals just to mention a few. Why is Get Jiggy a disappointment, because of pattern? I like how it looks too.

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Nancy zone 6

such great photos! I like Gilded by Grace with that sort of double edge. Does it open well? I just love the look of Heavens Portals with just enough of a ruffle, a slight edge color, really pretty. I know I have a couple that are sorta similar, but this is SO pretty. Beautiful color on Grape Pretender too. I always like the look of Good Morning America too.

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Golliwog is my choice.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Lots of pretties here. I especially like Heaven's Portals and GILDED BY GRACE.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Debra, Golliwog has done well righ from the beginning.

nat4b, it doesn't look at all like it's supposed to look.
It looks ok but not like Get Jiggy..

ngraham, Good Morning is one I have had for awhile and intend to keep. I alwys love the bloom. Heaven's Portals always opens well for me and is a favorite. Likewise, Gilded By Grace although it was rather short this year but then everything was dwarfed here.

Kay, thank you. I know it's hard to find one on a thread that you don't have..Hehehe!!

Rita, GBG and HP seem to be most folks favorites.

Thank you all...Ellie

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My favorite is Heavens Portal. Love the colors and the ruffling. I like the way Get Jiggy looks in your picture. I had to look it up on Tinkers to see what it should look like and the first picture is a lot like yours! Marg

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I was just going along loving all your pictures and then Golliwog popped up. That was one of our favorite early bloomers here, so it is my fav of this group. By the way, we have discovered 2 proliferations on our Golliwogs. My husband is estatic, he loves to root "prolifs", especially on a plant we love. Avedon

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Gilded By Grace was short here too. Flowers are a bit smaller than I expected. Grape Pretender I fear will not do well here; didn't flower.

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Julia NY(6)

I like GOLLYWOG. Very feminine with the pink color.

I have crosses with GET JIGGY.The one which is a cross of GLORY TO HIS NAME x GET JIFFY looks more like the GTHN so far. I can see why your disappointed with GET JIGGY. Did you get it from the hybridizer?
I found that the cross of GET JIGGY X SPACECOAST BUTTERFLY EFFECT gave me more pattern showing.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, There is so many that I think is gorgeousm till I am not even going to try to pick a favorite in them.There is only a couple tht i dont like of all of them.They are just beautiful.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Gollywog is my favorite too. What a lovely color.

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