Must sees and dos in Manhattan.

chase_gwApril 8, 2012

My BIL and his new lady love are planning a 4 day trip to NYC in May. Actually including trips to and from the airport they will have three full days to tootle about. They are staying at the Marriott near Times Square.

I have been twice but both were whirlwind half days that are a blur. I intend to return for a longer visit this Fall.

Thanks for your time.


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Take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry it's free 20 minutes over you don't need to get off 20 minutes back. Great shots of the harbor & skyline & a pretty good view of the Statue of Liberty without having to wait on one of those circle line cruises. Walk through battery park or continue along the Hudson the park extends all the way north. The Rivers is nice and the park is varied in it's styles & landscaping along the walk. I prefer Top of the Rock & Rockefeller Center to The Empire State Building. St Patrick's Cathedrals is directly opposite it & is worth a pop into.
If they like art you can't beat The metropolitan but wear comfortable shoes* read their bag requirements before going one of the best collections of every kind of art in the World. The Museum of Natural History is ok but not a big favorite. A walk through Chinatown & Little Italy can be fun & different they are sandwiched together and a few block further west will bring you into SOHO which has a few galleries left but is mostly wall to wall shopping heavy heavy duty shopping wallet draining shopping.
For the best Pizza they can try the US first ever pizza Lombardi's at 32 Spring Street over in The Chin Town Little Italy area. I hate Magnolia cupcakes all the tourist line up for it, they are a chain now it's not the same cute home made cupcakes from Sex in The City.
If they are here on a weekend Washington Square Park can be quite colorful & have a lot of different kinds of entertainment. Again another great old time coal oven been there forever & ever pizzaria is Arturos's on Houston & Thompson St the edge of Soho & The Village, great coal oven pizza if it's warm enough you can sit outside. I don't like any of the Italian restaurants left in little Italy there hasn't been an Italian in those kitchens for years.
If they want a real treat a little pricey on Prince Street Raoul's it's been in more movies than you can shake a stick at Between Sullivan & Thompson St's food is quite quite good
right around the corner from that on Sullivan is probably one of the best Sushi Restaurants in NY Blue Ribbon Sushi Going north on Sullivan towards Houston cute Block is Once aupon a tart nice place for a casual lunch not burgers various salads & great wraps & sandwhiches delicious little pastries. Just beyond that by about 10 feet Jean Claude nice little French restaurant informal prix fixe $25 New York magazine lists it as 4 stars. Back around the corner next to Raoul's is Il Corallo great Italian restaurant quite popular people wait outside for a table never had a bad meal ther not expensive.
A stroll through Central park is a must can be an easy deal if they do the Met which is on the park.
A Big tourist hot spot lately has been the High line whats left of an old rail line that used to run through the meat packing district. Landscaped sculpted very trendy interesting.
Woth it to go to TKTS in the South Street Seaport you can see the seaport it's museum and at TKTS pick up tickets for a show that evening from 30 to 50% off. They usually open at 3 & it's usually worth the wait to get to see a show even a hot show at that kind of discount. Comfortable shoes are a must for the city this is a walking town and most of it follows a north south east west grid.
Coffee & pastry at Bruno's opposite the Community garden I work in great canollis or my favorite sfogliatelle.
Between Bleecker & Houston Streets on LaGuardia Place.
Everything I gave you there in terms of food is within about 3 blocks of each other it is a restaurant intense neighborhood. All of Bleecker Street between Laguardia to 6th avenue are bars & hangouts some dating back to the old beat days, The Bitter end that kind of thing.
Any vegetarians Great Great Vegetarian's Paradise 2 unreal food I had some leftover soul chicken tonight mnnn it's a fusion of Asia & soul vegetarian cooking. Directly around the corner form them is the Blue Note Jazz club can be fun if you know who's playing not cheap.
The subways are pretty safe I have't had a problem since the 80's when this was a wild town,
Again don't know their personality a trip up to the cloisters can be fun the views from up their are great & the
collection of religious & medieval art is quite good easily accessible by transit about 30 minutes from time Square

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

No "Phantom" Joe, tsk, tsk...

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Lots of good suggestions so far but I will add Battery Park, Neue Galerie, the villages (East and West), Upper West Side. Joes Pub for live music and for food I can give you a litany of names of good restaurants pricey and inexpensive.

If they want to take a road trip to Brooklyn I suggest Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights or if they stray even further then Coney Island. Queens they can do PS 1 and then go to one of the many diverse neighborhoods for some good food - Middle Eastern, Greek, Asian....

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Thanks so much!

Not only will this add to their trip but I'm convinced I need to come to NYC soon....very soon!

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I'm convinced I need to come to NYC soon....very soon!

Come on down!

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Circle Line 90 minute tour....I recomendd this to everyone. Not the Statue of Liberty Ferry but the one from 42nd Street.

I recently had dinner at Melba's in Harlem. Soul food with a modern twist. Friendly service. Great sangria and well priced. Happy vibe.

Iridium Jazz Club is a fave. Blue Smoke is awesome - bbq.

The Marriot has "The View" revolving restaurant. My Dad loves the buffet there lol and nice for a drink. Overpriced but not terrible - romantic for sure an one of those over the top New York things that out of towners love (and my Dad;)

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

OK, The Lion King...

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Restaurant ideas are more than welcome.

I suspect they will want a combination of NYC upscale and NYC must eat ats.

I've heard that the Oyster Bar at Grand Central is a fun place to people watch and have a drink also think they would like a real NYC deli for lunch.

Thanks again ..

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Lots of good information. Too bad they won't have time to do it all.

I second Maggies recommendation of Blue Smoke with Jazz Standard downstairs and Labrea's recom's for pizza etc. and sightseeing including walk the Hudson River.

If they want some good Middle Eastern Illili is very good.
Chinatown so many restaurants and many are hit and miss (same with Little Italy). 69 Bayard is often good.
Balaboosta in Soho is very good.
Balthazar for breakfast or lunch and if they can get a reservation they might want to try Minetta Tavern. (same owners)
Blue Ribbon is always good but sometimes difficult to get in. (Labrea mentioned their sister restaurant Blue Ribbon Sushi - yum!)
Red Rooster in Harlem is good as is Sylvia's.
City Bakery for hot chocolate and pretzel croissants.
Sullivan Street Bakery for some great sandwiches (and pizza).
Jacque Torres Chocolate - self explanatory
Eataly - several floors of food, take out and eat in and across the street is the original outpost of Shake Shack in Madison Sq park for burgers and fries.
The Spotted Pig is a good gastropub for a beer and burgers etc. (The Breslin has the same chef but is not as good imo)
Riverpark is a new restaurant on the East River. A lovely place to have a drink overlooking the river with views of Queens/Brooklyn. Same with the Water Club.
Ouest Restaurant (upper West Side)
Pete's Tavern (Gramercy Park). Old world with some decent food. It is where the gift of the Magi was reportedly written by O'Henry. The neighborhood is lovely. Also a block away is a a great tiny tapas/wine bar - Bar Jamon.
Gramercy Tavern is expensive but always good. Same with Union Square Cafe (same owners) and the Gotham Bar and Grill is still good (and pricey) after all these years.
Levain Bakery (Upper West Side) for the bestand largest chocolate chip cookies (and others) you will ever eat.
The lower east side has soem good restaurants now Prune Restaurant is good, so is Beauty on Essex which is a former beauty spot turned restauarnt. Great food and an interesting entrance. You walk into a pawn shop and the door to the restaurant is hidden. Then you pass the door and there is abeautiful 3 story restaurant. Google it for more info. Their sister restaurant Stanton is also very good. Same area gives you Katz's Deli, Russ and Daughters, and some other very good, relatively inexpensive small restaurants.

Salumeria Rossi on the Upper West Sid for some good charcuterie.

More as I think of them.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Great hot dog carts, too!

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You can see phantom on a video they can see whatever they want to see by going to TKTS for discounts.
Blue Ribbon is right opposite my apartment oh yes quite quite quite good & yes hard to get a reservation.
EATALY is amazing as is Batali's BABO pricey on Washngton Place Off Washington Square Park.
Forget Lion King (lot of parents telling their children to sush or worse not to shush) if you can lay your hands on tickets Sleep No More is kind of different & quite amazing. The play performance takes place in multiple rooms the audience wears masks and follows a performer. A very hot ticket a very wild & interesting show loosely based on The Scottish Play.
Here's a walk around from today mostly Washington Square.

Here is a link that might be useful: walk around

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I lived in Manhattan Beach when I was a kid, there was a military base back then which is now long gone - we were there about two or maybe three years, we were taken to NYC several times but don'tcha know I remember nothing except for my little friend, our house and the playground down the street and the nun who was my kindergarten teacher, she petrified me although she actually was kind. It was the habit, I was convinced she was hiding more than just kleenex up the sleeves of her arms.

Those three years were completely wasted on me *LOL* - I'd give anything to spend three years there now! That is how long it would take to really see and everything I wanted to see and do.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

How about a comedy club?

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We have a lot of cellars that purport to offer comedy or performances by comics eeeeeh iffy.
BB Kings is touristy but usually fun!

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Chase, here is a good article by the people at Serious Eats. Some great recommendations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, The Best Restaurants And More

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That is great, Epi! I will be def try some of the recommendations on their list!

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Glad you like it Maggie.

It is a good website with good information on local restaurants and they also have great recipes.

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Thanks again everyone!

I forwarded all the info and it was much appreciated. They are off today for their New York extended weekend.

This is a very special weekend for them and for me! My sister passed from cancer 6 years ago. A year after that my niece, at age 10, had a massive brain hemorrhage which after a year of intensive therapies still left her with challenges.

My DBIL has been a rock through it all, totally devoted to Sara and her recovery. Never taking a minute for himself...and then he met this lady and he is totally smitten! I've met her and she passes muster, my sister would approve :)

All of which is to say I want him to have a fabulously wonderful few days in NYC and here's hoping he gets out of the hotel room...or not! ;)

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I wish them the best, the sun is shining for them in New York (finally!).

You are a very kind and loving sis in law!

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Thanks Maggie, my sister and I were extremely close. I till miss her so much.

Maybe I'm not as kind and loving as I should be. The only thing that's bugging me a little about this weekend is that my BIL has always taken Sara to visit her Mom's grave on Mother's Day. So she is having a bit of a hard time with him going away on this particular weekend. Neither him nor the lady friend work so not sure why it had to be this weekend.

She is coming here for the weekend so I'll talk to her about how she is feeling and hopefully help her work through this. Her Dad has been 100% her's for 6 years, and she only 16, so all and all it's understandable moves on and Sara will have to too but with all the support in the world to help her do that.

So glad they are having wonderful weather. Wonder what the couple is up to as we speak ;)

I'll be sure to report back on what they least what they tell me they did! LOL

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